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Goodnight ElectricArtist info Goodnight Electric project motorized by Henry Foundation, a trio dance group together with Bondi and Oom Leo( the end of the year 2003 courtesy of HFMF records in Jakarta, Indonesia. Goodnight Electric released independently the first Album “Love and Turbo Action” in the end of 2004 under H.F... Read more

Goodnight Electric - The Supermarket I Am In feat. Polypony [Official Music Video]
Director: Henry Foundation Producer: Henry Foundation Assistant Director: Hauritsa Camera: Jin Panji Assistant Camera: Nissal Berlindung Polypony Stylist: ...

Goodnight Electric - Am I Robot
Another good song from them..

Goodnight Electric: Rocket Ship Goes By
PROVIDER: Equinox DMD LABEL: Aksara Records ARTIST: Goodnight Electric TITLE: Rocket Ship Goes By GENRE: Electronica C COPYRIGHT: Aksara ...

Goodnight Electric - A.S.T.U.R.O.B.O.T (music video)
Images & Directed by Anggun Priambodo Edited by Syauqi Tuasikal 2005 A.S.T.U.R.O.B.O.T. Oh you're so cool Everything's so ...

"Laser Gun Electro Boy" is Goodnight Electric 1st single from "Electroduce Yourself"

goodnight electric - am i robot
indonesian indie band.

The Upstairs X Goodnight Electric live at ACREATE
Kolaborasi klasik The Upstairs X Goodnight Electric bisa dikatakan menjadi alasan khusus bagi pemuda seantero ibukota untuk datang ke A CREATE, Minggu, ...

Goodnight Electric - We're Going To The Star.
GE .. :)

Goodnight Electric - T.E.C.H.N.OLogy
From Riot: The Thursday Riot Compilation.

Goodnight Electric - Bedroom Avenue (HQ-sound)
selamat memikirkan orang yang kita sayang.. :)

Goodnight Electric - Rocket Ship Goes By

Teenage Love And Broken Heart(2010)-Goodnight Electric

Goodnight Electric - The Supermarket I Am In
Ini salah satu lagu Goodnight electric dari album "Love and Turbo Action" 2004.

Goodnight Electric - Shut It Down feat. Baila Fauri [Lyric Video]

goodnight electric - bedroom avenue
indonesian indie band.

Goodnight Electric - The Supermarket I Am In feat. Polypony [Official Audio]

Goodnight Electric - Sci-Fi Love
support goodnight electric : ) » » GETV([email protected]/goodnightelectrictv) ...

"Solid Gold" Taken from 2nd LP "Electroduce Yourself" Released by Aksara Records in 2007.

[FULLSET] 2018.04.10 Goodnight Electric
Setlist: 1. Intro 2. Am I Robot? 3. Interval 4. Bedroom Avenue 5. Teenage Love and Broken Heart 6. Stranded in the Arm of Love 7. I'm OK 8. The Supermarket I ...

Goodnight Electric - Rocketship
You will love this one...

Heartbreakstationtv - komposisi Terkini goodnight electric [Journal]
Saksikan video musik terbaru berupa penampilan teranyar band elektronik 'Goodnight Electric' #heartbreakstationtv, #videomusikterbaru, #videomusik2018, ...

Goodnight Electric - Love and Turbo Action
Ini salah satu lagu Goodnight electric dari album "Love and Turbo Action" 2004.

Goodnight Electric - Trembling Mind
Meet Indie-Electro-Pop from Indonesia.

Goodnight Electric - I'm O.K
From indonesia..*

Riot 2 Tahun - Goodnight Electric
Goodnight Electric meng-cover lagu The Ramones, I Wanna Be sedated, live di Riot 2 Tahun 2 Jari di Udara!

Goodnight Electric - Stranded in the Arms of Love (live at Camden Bar Cikini • 30 Oktober 2017)
Single ini belum pernah dirilis sebelumnya, dan pertama kali dimainkan di kesempatan ini. 30 Oktober 2017

Goodnight Electric - Asturobot

good night electric-#1
add my FB : [email protected] thank's for watching :D.

Goodnight Electric - A.S.T.U.R.O.B.O.T
Ini salah satu lagu Goodnight electric dari album "Love and Turbo Action" 2004.

goodnight electric - electro boy lovers
indonesian indie band.

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