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JetArtist info 1. Jet was an alternative rock band which formed in 2001 in Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of Nic Cester (vocals, guitar), Cameron Muncey (guitar, vocals), Mark Wilson (bass) and Chris Cester (drums). They released three albums: "Get Born" (2003), "Shine On" (2006) and "Shaka Rock" (2009)... Read more

JET - Everlovin' Man
Jet's Everlovin' Man.

the loved ones - ever lovin' man
Video for The Loved One's, "Ever Lovin' Man."

Jet - Everlovin' Man Lyrics
Jet - Everlovin' Man Lyrics.

Ever Lovin' Man
Ever Lovin' Man, from The Loved Ones 1967 album "Magic Box"

The Loved Ones - Everloving Man (1966)
Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1966: The Loved Ones performing 'Ever Lovin' Man' on the ATV-10 program The Go!! Show - broadcasted on the 24th of October 1966. Note: The...

The Loved Ones - Everlovin' Man
Aussie 60's.

Our Boys by Jet
Jet Our Boys More Light Than Shade.

Jet- 13 Eleanor
Jet- Shine On (2006) Eleanor.

The Loved Ones - Everlovin man
The Loved Ones - Everlovin man 1966.

JET - You were right
Jet's you were right.

Jet- 11 Skin And Bones
Jet- Shine On (2006) Skin And Bones.

Jet - This Night Is Yours
Jet's 'This Night Is Yours'.

Jet - Snap your fingers
Jet's Snap Your Fingers, from the Shine On vynil LP.

Jet - Let Me Out
omfg ! you have to listen the whole´s fucking awesome !

JET - Bruises
Jet's Bruises from the Rare Tracks album.

Jet - Ain't That A Lotta Love
Ain't that A Lotta love from the cold hard bitch single.

the loved ones - ever lovin man.MPG
An old lost clip from youtube only 27 seconds long . Why isnt this anywhere on the internet? Thats a shame. This is what i think is greatest songs from this Australian from Melbourne rock...

Everlovin' Man
Here is the other Chain Reaction song that features pre Aerosmith Steven Tyler. Someone quotes from Walk This Way that Steven did all the singing on these songs. I can't tell!

ever lovin man
from 2003 when we were drowning.

The Loved Ones were a classic Australian band of the 60's.

"Everlovin' Man" - The Substitutes featuring Ronnie Charles (REMIX)
The Loved Ones were possibly the most original Melbourne band in the mid 1960's and were led by a remarkable lead singer named Gerry Humphrys. This song was a national Australian hit and The...

the dirtbombs - ever lovin' man

JET /// 2. Cigarettes And Cola - (Are You Gonna Be My Girl) - (2003)
Artist: JET Album: Are You Gonna Be My Girl [CD Single] (2003) Track: 2 Well it's too late little girl for stoppin' I crossed my heart and I hoped that I will die And I don't want...

Jet - Snap your fingers
Jet - snap your fingers (barbados demo)

Jet - That's Alright Mama
A live cover of Elvis Presley's 'That's Alright Mama' Performed by Jet, and featured in the album 'Rare Tracks' All Rights Reserved Elektra Records(c) 2004 Follow me on Facebook for more...

everloving man video
I had to make a animation video using photos and after effects 7. The Dirtbombs are one of my favorite bands I have all their albums and am currently overlistening to their latest album "we...

The Wet Ones - everlovin man
The Wet Ones - everlovin man From Album - A Slab Of Vic (Melbourne Compilation) Download album @

The Dirtbombs-Ever Lovin' Man (7-16-11)
The Dirtbombs perform "Ever Lovin' Man" at the Magic Stick in Detroit, MI 7-16-11.

Jet - Coming Home Soon
Coming Home Soon from Jet's Shine On vynil LP.

Everlovin Man - The Substitutes
Live version of the astonishing song "Everlovin' Man" originally recorded by Melbourne's very own The Loved Ones featuring the most incredible vocalist of the Sixties, Gerry Humphries.

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