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:Wumpscut:Artist info Wumpscut was an electro-industrial project from Germany. It was founded in May of 1991 by Bavarian disc jockey Rudy Ratzinger (born June 3, 1966) and ended in May of 2017.Ratzinger was the creative force behind Wumpscut, occasionally employing the help of others as guest artists. Ratzinger cites the influence of such bands as Leæther Strip as his reason for making the transfer from DJing to recording music... Read more

Wumpscut - Crucified
Title: Crucified Artist: Wumpscut Album: Small Chambermusicians (1991)

:Wumpscut: - Crucified Division
Album: Dried Blood of Gomorrha (1997)

Wumpscut - Crucified Division (Desert Mix)
Title: Crucified Division (Desert Mix) Artist: Wumpscut Album: Gomorra 1995.

Wumpscut- Crucified
Disclaimer: I do not own the music or the images in this video because I am not that talented. This masterpiece can only be found on the ultra-rare Wumpscut ...

:Wumpscut: - Adonai, My Lord
Artist: :Wumpscut: (Rudy Ratzinger) Album: Body Census Song: Adonai, My Lord Year: 2007 Lyrics We are your tool, We are one We're like one fool, The plan is ...

:Wumpscut: - Obsessio
Artist: :Wumpscut: (Rudy Ratzinger) Song: Obsessio Album: Evoke Year: 2005 Lyrics: Res no te sentit els ulls en blanc La ment buida sense llum Res no te sentit ...

Wumpscut - Wound
Title: Wound Artist: Wumpscut Album: Preferential Legacy (1995)

Wumpscut - Mankind's Disease
Artist: Wumpscut Titel: Mankind's Disease Album: Wreath Of Barbs Support Wumpscut!

:Wumpscut: - And Life Goes On
Artist: :Wumpscut: (Rudy Ratzinger) Artworks: by Kagaya Album: Bone Peeler Song: And Life Goes On Year: 2004 Lyrics: Reality in the first place That casts the ...

Wumpscut - Adonai, My Lord
Artist: Wumpscut Titel: Adonai, My Lord Album: Body Census Support Wumpscut!

Wumpscut - Christfuck
Artist: Wumpscut Titel: Christfuck Album: Wreath Of Barbs Support Wumpscut!

Wumpscut - Untermensch (Adored Version)
Title: Untermensch (Adored Version) Artist: Wumpscut Album: Gomorra (1995)

Wumpscut - Dr. Thodt
Artist: Wumpscut Titel: Dr. Thodt Album: Wreath Of Barbs Support Wumpscut!

Wumpscut- Is it You
Wumpscut- Embryodead 1997 Lyrics: Here In The Dark Is No Light At All No Orientation No Shadows Fall Here In The Dark I Reach Out For You Sensing Fear ...

Wumpscut - Christfuck
Tons of goth pics off my computer with the great song by wumpscut... i was bored ... injoy.

Wumpscut - In der Nacht
Title: In der Nacht Artist: Wumpscut Album: Music for a German Tribe (1997)

Wumpscut - Corroded Breed
Artist: Wumpscut Titel: Corroded Breed Album: Bunker Gate 7 Support Wumpscut!

:Wumpscut: - Christfuck (lyrics)
album: Wreath of Barbs (2001)

Wumpscut - Stirb im Winter
Title: Stirb im Winter Artist: Wumpscut Album: Music for a German Tribe (1997)

Wumpscut - War Combattery 2
War Combattery 2 Album: The Mesner Tacks.

Wumpscut - Default
Title: Default (Extended) Artist: Wumpscut Album: Defcon (1992)

:Wumpscut: - Bambam (Album Siamese 2010)
Wumpscut: - Album Siamese 2010.

:Wumpscut: - Siamese teaser
Teaser for the forthcoming album :siamese:, official release date april 16 2010.

:Wumpscut: - Schaltet den Schmerz Ab (Album Preferential Legacy 2003)
Wumpscut: - Album Preferential Legacy 2003.

:Wumpscut: - The Dark Chamber
From the album Blutkind Clicked.

Wumpscut-Dying Culture
industrial music by the best!

Wumpscut - Koslow
Title: Koslow Artist: Wumpscut Album: Music for a Slaughtering Tribe (1993)

Wumpscut - Ceremony
Title: Ceremony Artist: Wumpscut Album: Defcon (1992)

Wumpscut - March of the Crying
Title: March of the Crying Artist: Wumpscut Album: Blutkind (2000)

:WUMPSCUT: | Burial on Demand
All Rights Belong to: Wumpscut I reserve no rights.

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