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The BatallionArtist info The Batallion was formed in the summer of 2006 with the intention of reawakening the spirit of classic oldschool deaththrash. All members are from Bergen, Norway and are well established metalheads and have played in some of the most legendary bands from Norway. ... Read more

The Batallion - Born in a Grave

The Batallion - Born in a Grave
All right! The Batallion was founded in Bergen , Norway in the summer of 2006. All members are well established metalhead musicians who have played in some of the most legendary bands from...

The Batallion - Born In A Grave
Born In A Grave by The Batallion from the album Stronghold Of Men Released 2008-04-21 on Dark Essence Records Listen/download this album on your preferred music service: Spotify: https://play.spoti...

Manowar - Born in a Grave (Lyrics)

THE BATALLION - Within the frame of the graveyard 2010
The Batallion Album: Head up high 2010 The Batallion is yet another of those projects born of a cross section of Scandinavian metal musicians who collectively...

The Batallion - Stronghold Of Men (Dark Essence Records) [Full Album]
The Batallion - Stronghold Of Men Released 2008-04-21 on Dark Essence Records Listen/download this album on your preferred music service: Spotify:

The Warrior Song - Aquila Natus (with lyrics)
Please help support us and pick up a copy at iTunes or !

Puteraeon - a bolt from the grave
2012 - Cult Cthulhu.

The Batallion - Detonate
The Batallion with "Detonate" from the 2008 "Stronghold Of Men" album.

The Batallion @ Inferno Kick-off/ trondheim Scene, 07/02/09
born in a grave.

Sabaton - Soldier Of 3 Armies
Sabaton - Soldier of 3 Armies I own nothing, absolutely nothing All Rights belong to Sabaton and Nuclear Blast Records Lyrics: Started out as a reserve Soon promoted when deserved And the...

The Batallion - The Spirit of Masculinity
From the album ''Stronghold of Men''

You're Not My Kind - Five Finger Death Punch
Let's take a walk down memory lane When I was just a boy and I wasn't insane Back before the world got inside of my heart Before all the sickness almost tore me apart Corruption, deception...

Hellvox - Born In a Grave
Band: Hellvox Album: Increasing Hate Track: Born In a Grave.

Opera IX Born In The Grave
este video es sin ningun fin de lucro y es compartido con fines de exparcimiento cultural asi como difusion de musica....) Ossian Guitaras (1988- a la actualidad) Vlad Bass (1992- a la actualidad)...

ManOwaR - Born in a Grave Guitar Cover + Solo (HD)
Watch and play! No tabs is the rule. Train your vision and ears with the help of this video!

battalion (dnk) the sentence
thrash metal desde dinamarca demo the sense (1987) ..real thrash metal..¡¡¡ I now Servantly Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so God help me! Progress...

INQUIRING BLOOD - Born In A Grave (2012-09-29 live @ Musiktheater BAD, Hannover)

The Batallion - Mind my Step
from the album ''Head Up High''

Hëllvox- Born in a Grave HQ
Born in a Grave. Video terminado con mejor calidad.

Regressive - Born in the grave
Regressive - Born in the grave Track from deput split album "Graveyard assault" with Canadian band Gatekrashör (2010) Follow us on: Facebook:

The Batallion - March of the veterans

The Batallion - Tension In The Stronghold
The Batallion with "Tension In The Stronghold" from the 2008 "Stronghold Of Men" album.

Syranax - The Battalion Of Death
Track 4 from the 1985 demo "The Battalion Of Death".

Unleashed - Warrior (Full Album) [1997]
First of all, I don't earn nothing with all the videos, to make it quite clear that ! If the band or the record label didn't like the video, please send me a message in particular that I'll...

American Satan - Summer Trailer (French)
OWN IT NOW: Original Score by Jonathan Davis...

Sir Winston Churchill - Funeral (I Vow To Thee) - The Nation's Farewell
I Vow To Thee / Thaxted / Jupiter arranged by Geoff Knorr and performed by the Prague FILMharmonic under the conduction of Andy Brick. Spread the word of true greatness. Forward to a friend....


The Batallion - When Death Becomes Dangerous (Oslo 2011)
John Dee - Oslo, 25.02.11.

The Batallion, Man To Man Warfare
Live at Inferno Festival 2008.

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