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SPYAIR - Some Like It Hot!!
Music video by SPYAIR performing Some Like It Hot!!. (C) 2011 Sony Music Associated Records, a division of Sony Music Labels Inc.

【LSO-R3】SPYAIR - Samurai Heart【OVER:DRIVE】
Our last entry together my friends CRIES. Chad: My deepest apologies for not finishing the mix due to time constraints. It's way below my standards, but I hope ...

【Rage】 Samurai Heart (Gintama) Full English Fandub
Can't celebrate the samurai without singing Samurai Heart. Man, this song is tons of fun to sing. So much fun that I had to get other people in on the fun and the ...

Some Like It Hot (samurai heart, サムライハート) ┃Raon Lee【LIVE】
Raon's Youtube :: Raon's Twitter :: Raon's Instagram :: Raon's ...

2011.12.08 SPYAIR - Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!)
M C---tdown Korean music show performance.

【FCCB-R3】Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!)【RESPAWN】
Hiiii ! Rush time again huehuehue °^° Thanks to all the people who supported us those three rounds, we love you I'm Kerri, one of the animators for this round ...

【 銀魂 Gintama 】 サムライハート Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot !!) 【 ピアノ Piano 】
楽譜 score ○同人音楽の森様 ○DLmarket様 I ...

Samurai heart -侍魂- / AAA
Samurai heart -侍魂-

Track 2 - Samurai Heart

Samurai heart - 銀魂 Gintama ED17 (Romix Cover)
Original Artist - SPYAIR Check Out My Original Songs オリジナル曲も聴いてください! iTunes and Apple Music Spotify ...

Samurai Heart (Some like it hot ) ~ Spyair (Lower Pitched)
My cover of this song. Jks I just lowered the pitch because it sounded better imo I don't own any of the content. Not the song nor the image Original MV: ...

Samurai Heart - SPYAIR - ED GINTAMA (Português) Well Silva
E ai galerinha, sentiram minha falta? EHEUHEU. trago hoje esse versão em português da musica "Samurai Heart" da banda "SPYAIR", que foi um dos ...

أغنية أنمي Gintama Samurai Heart كاملة مترجمة عربي
Gintama Ending 17 Full "Romaji & Kanji & Arabic Sub" Anime Gintama ED 17 ☞ Artist : SPYAIR ☞ Song : ♬ Samurai Heart ♬ ☞ Anime : Gintama ...

「AMV」Gintama - Some Like It Hot!! (Samurai Heart)
50+ Subs Wow Thanks for you all guys for support my channel ^_^ And I apologize for late upload a video. I hope you all are enjoy with this video... Anime ...

[VIỆT SUB] SAMURAI HEART - Dead fish's eyes Gintoki

Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!) - [Nightcore ver.]
Thanks for watching! ^-^ Please leave a comment below. ~I do not own any content from this video~ Image: ...

[HD]Gintama ED [Samurai Heart - Some Like It Hot!!] Band cover
銀魂 ED サムライハート(Some Like It Hot!!) を演奏してみました。 [Vocal] 秀太 - Syuta [Guitar] 中西 - Nakanishi [Guitar] yu-suke [Bass] はるちん - [email protected]

Samurai Troopers - Samurai Heart with English Subtitles
not intended for amv, just a request.

Samurai Heart English Cover GinTama
Vocals, Mix & English lyrics: Ame Anime: Gintama ending 17 Originally by: SPYAIR Lyrics Hey Hey Some like it hot Hey Hey Some like it hot Here I stand waiting ...

Samurai Heart(Some Like it Hot) [Gintama] ED17 (Anison Acapella Cover) 銀魂【Diana Garnet】
New videos every Weekday! This is the song for today. Samurai Heart(Some Like it Hot) [Gintama] □ Diana Garnet's Profile The singer behind [Naruto ...

SPYAIR - [銀魂 ED] サムライハート Samurai Heart (Guitar cover)
この ビデオを見えなければ こちに見よう :

T.M.Revolution - HEART OF SWORD -Yoakemae-
T.M.Revolution, 西川貴教, TMR, HEART OF SWORD, るろうに剣心, Rurouni Kenshin.

Samurai Heart - Spyair - Anime Friends - Well Silva

Gintama Ed.- Samurai Heart "Some Like It Hot" (Italian Version)
Supportami su Patreon - Mantieni i ritmi di questo canale e fallo diventare il mio lavoro per la nostra passione!! Clicca qui sotto e visita la pagina.(Grazie di cuore ...

SPYAIR-Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!) LIVE Gintama Sakura Matsuri 2011 [No Subtitle Added]

Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!)/SPYAIR [Music Box] (Anime "Gintama'" ED)
All Songs Collection [Part 1] [Part 2] ...

【Kagamine Len】Samurai Heart【鏡音レンCover】
Reprint from NicoNicoDouga. I do not own this. Please check the official upload for credits.] Official upload: Original ...

[UTAU] Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!) [Matsudappoiyo against]
If you can't see it, try this: Or this: ...

[Nightcore] Gintama 2011 Ending 17 // SPYAIR - Samurai Heart
nightcore gintama 2011 ending 17 sypair samurai heart nightcore gintama' ending 17 nightcore sypair samurai heart Song: SPYAIR - Samurai Heart Anime: ...

2011.08.13 SPYAIR - Samurai Heart (Acoustic ver.)
Nico live.

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