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Styl-PlusArtist info Styl-Plus is a Nigerian male singing group.The group STYL was formed in 1997 a gospel quartet by founding members Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi. In 1999 Lanre passed away and Zeal Onyecheme joined the group. The name STYL which was formed by combining the first letters of the first names of the founding members then turned to Styl-Plus, the Plus being used to indicate the new addition to the group... Read more

Runaway - Styl Plus
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Music Video.

Olufunmi-Styl plus
nice cool music for lovers.

STYLEPLUS" call my name"
Band from nigeria..beautiful voice,

Styl Plus was formed in the 1997 as a gospel group but later they moved into R&b.They group gave us wonderful songs that rocked the nation for a long time.

IYA BASIRA STYL PLUS (Nigerian Entertainment News)
HipTv is a Nigerian urban contemporary music and lifestyle channel, borne out of the need to create rich compelling contents for the youth audience.

Styl plus- Ima
Was quite surprised that this song was no where on youtube. I decided to put it there. Don't know about you but this song is very uplifting... enjoy!

Four Years - Styl-Plus

Imagine That - Styl-Plus

Imagine that- Styl Plus
Styl plus' video for their hit song Imagine that.

Styl-Plus ft BigLo & 2Shotz - Drives me crazy

Styl-Plus – Aso Ibora (OFFICIAL AUDIO 2017)
For Promotional use only* Styl-Plus – Aso Ibora (OFFICIAL AUDIO 2017) Styl-Plus – Aso Ibora (OFFICIAL AUDIO 2017) Styl-Plus – Aso Ibora (OFFICIAL AUDIO ...

Coming Home - Styl-Plus

Drives Me Crazy - Styl-Plus

Runaway (cover) Styl-Plus
I and Johan De Lombaert(Pianist) singing this lovely song on Christmas day. No practice, just called him to the piano, told him the chords and he came up with ...

Always On My Mind - Styl-Plus

Styl Plus - Olufunmi Instrumental (KARAOKE)
Styl Plus - Olufunmi Instrumental.

Olufunmi remix feat. De Capo - Styl Plus
De Capo raps with the original olufunmi remix.

Styl Plus - Olufunmi
Styl-Plus est un groupe nigérian de Gospel et de R'n'B. Le groupe s'est formé en 1997 à Abuja. C'est en Octobre 2003 que parait le single "Olufunmi"

Home within your heart
Styl plus new videos.

Styl Plus - Olufunmi

Mase - Styl-Plus

Stay Alive Styl plus (AIDS IS REAL)..with lyrics.
play safe.A message from this's so hacken to understand all about AIDS of a thing,well,is a good one to seek advice......Stay Alive...!

Beautiful Ladies - Styl-Plus

I No Wan Trouble - Styl-Plus

Style plus - olufunmi
Love this song! But couldn't find a nice video with it.. so I made one of my own! Hope you all enjoy!

Hadiza - Styl-Plus

Style Plus ft Oxblood - Always on my Mind
Finest RnB.

Styl Plus – Aso Ibora

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