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Pino D'AngioArtist info Pino D'Angio, real name Giuseppe Chierchia, Born in Pompeii in Italy. Not really famous outside of mainland Europe.His biggest hit was "Ma Quale Idea" ... Read more

Pino D'Angiò - Ma quale idea (instrumental) 1981 ⋆ mp3
Giuseppe Chierchia es un cantante italiano,nacido 14 de agosto de 1952 , Pompeya, Italia_Hasta el 19 de septiembre de 1981, alcanza el Nº1 en España con ...

MA QUAL IDEA (Bass Cover)- Pino d'Angio by Machinagroove's BassCovers
Voici LE groove qui déchire tout! On fume des clopes, on sort le champagne pour faire le Bellâtre et on fait le cake sur la piste de Dance! Un groove redondant ...

Pino D'Angio - Okay Okay (Glenn Astro Edit)
Release Date : August 2015 Genre : Funk/House DISCLAIMERS IMPORTANT : I don't own the track or the image, if the owner does not wish to have their items ...

Pino D´ Angio - Ma Quale Idea Original 12 inch Version 1980
Pino D´ Angio - Ma Quale Idea Original 12 inch Version 1980.

Ma quale idea karaoke
Pues ahi le dejo la pista de ma quale idea que hice con el adobe audition. Le puse la letra aunque no se si este muy bien . Practiquen mucho para que les ...

Pino D'angio - Okay Okay

Ma Quale Idea Karaoke!!
Una pijá que hice, porque me aburría pschéeeeeeee...

Menelik Vs. Madison Avenue: Tribute to Pino D'Angio
The disco hit "Ma Quale Idea" performed by Pino D'Angio (Giuseppe Chierchia) was based on "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" originally performed by McFadden ...

Idea Instrumental

T.N.D. - Idea instrumental

Pino d'Angio - Ma quale idea (1980)
Pino d'Angio - Ma quale idea.

Pino D'Angio' - Ma Quale Idea (Extended)
Dance Classic 2 - P. 1979/1981 Peer-Southern Productions./Crisler./Full Time. For more 12" inch follow us on the second page YouTube, Dance Classic at ...

D.A.C.A - Más que una idea / Instrumental Chuny16 Ams
Puedes seguirme en mis redes sociales como: Facebook: Instagram: Carmona2720.

Pino DAngio - Ma Quale Idea (Jamie Lewis Sex On The Beach Mix)
Disco Funky House (Live @ 2018-04-06 )

La poesia di Pino D'angio' che ancora non era nel web Ringrazio Pino D'angio' per la sua amicizia e spero che ancora ci regali altre perle...voce permettendo.

PINO D' ANGIO' - Ma quale idea ,12'', 1981

Pino D' angio - Okay Okay
Un génie ce Pino. C' est ma préféré. Plus de 20 ans que j' écoute Pino , c' est excellent. Merci à vous, PINO, de m' avoir envoyé un message privé vers janvier ...

PINO D'ANGIO - ma quale idea (video)

Dance On Glass Breakbot Mix Part 3 of 3
One of the best house mixtapes out there. Hear the whole thing out. Tell the world what you think. Breakbot spins the tables and breaks the dance on glass ...

CHE IDEA.... (cover)

BBG - Snappiness (Sweet Instrumental)
(c) Hi-Life Records 1996.

Breakbot Dance On Glass Mix 03 (HQ)
Tracklist: 00:00 Kitty Grant -- Glad to know you (looped) 00:01 -- "What's Paris' blues ? -- You'd better get dressed. -- You like music ? -- Honey I live music.

Mais quelle idée - Pino D'Angio
Another Disco Classic.

Pino D'Angiò - Lezione D'Amore
Track name: Lezione D'Amore | Artist name: Pino D'Angiò | Album name: Ma Quale Idea / Lezione D'Amore | Year: 1980 Tags: Funk / Soul, Disco ...

Flaminio Maphia-Che idea

Tony Dallara - Come Prima Y Pino D'angio - Ma Quale Idea - Spanish TV

Pino Dangio' / Ma Quale Idea / By Mario & Luca D'Andrea ( Carrambauno )
Visitate anche i canali Carramba1bis Dedicato a raffaella carrà ...

Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night - Instrumental ( version longue officiel )
Version officiel :

Pino D'Angiò - Ma quale idea_LIVE 2009
Pino D'angiò in Concerto a MonteFredane 2009 con i SonikA. Video amatoriale.

Ma Quale Idea - Pino D'Angio' (bass playalong teaser)
italian disco hit, remixed by french rappers Ménélik & No Sé to make "quelle aventure" I've made a tab by request. You'll find the way I play the bassline and a ...

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