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Optimus PrimeArtist info There are several artists called "Optimus Prime":1. Russian screamo band from Moscow. Optimus Prime was a Moscow DIY screamo band. They started playing in 2005, at that time they couldn't find a decent bass player... Read more

Optimus Prime-Superhero
For my friends that have given me inspiration CyberGirl38 - Starscream ...

Superhero - Simon Curtis *LYRICS*
I couldn't find any videos with on-screen lyrics. Or lyrics in the description for that matter. It annoyed me, so I made my own lyrics video. Sorry if some of it is ...

Simon Curtis- Superhero ( Arabic Sub ) by Maria KpopForever
Superhero ( Arabic Sub ) by Maria KpopForever Subscribe For More! It took me 1 day of work to create this video أستغرق صنع هذا الفيديو يوماً كاملاً Follow me:...

Simon Curtis - Superhero [1 Hour]
Song: Superhero Artist: Simon Curtis Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, & related characters © Marvel "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the ...

transformers 3 superhero
transformers dark of the moon.

transformers superhero
i like his music.

Transformers prime superhero Megatron and Optimus prime battles / Simon Curtis
Thank you so much please subscribe and leave a like I tried my best enjoy.

The Flash ⚡ Superhero
Instagram - Facebook - The Flash ⚡ Superhero [HD] Tribute / Music Video ...

Sideswipe-I Like It Loud-Music Video
please watch this.... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Wheeljack-On My Own-Music Video
please watch this.... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Requested by supernova revolution.Hope u like it.If u do:SMASH ...

Bumblebee-I Like It Loud-Music Video
please watch this.... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- If u like this VIDEO then SMASH, HIT, PUNCH, KICK or DO ...

Optimus Prime (Transformers Song)
A song for a most epic series of robots, fast cars, transforming & explosions.. Is there anything else? Here's my tribute to the awesome leader of the Autobots!

Transformers Prime-Our Story-Music Video
please watch this.... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- No begging for likes on this vid.......bu.......but......uhhhhh!!!!!LIKE ...

transformers superhero
it is not hero it''s SUPERhero.

Optimus Prime (Me) - SuperHero - Transformers Prime

PMV ~ Superhero ~
70 subs?! thank you! :'D Superhero - Simon Curtis My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Hasbro i don't own nothing / no me pertenece nada.

Transformers Prime - Arcee
One reason to love Transformers Prime is Arcee. This series showed how a female transformer can be made in to a mean fighter and extremely helpful character ...

Transformers Prime Series Wheeljack AMV Rise
Hi! :D Finally new video guys, hope you all enjoy it, it took me a bit to do it but here it is1! we're close to 100 SUSCRIBERS!! :D if we arrive to that number there ...


Ultra Magnus .:Transformers Prime AMV:.
Hey guys, I made my third music video. I do not own the song or Transformers Prime.


Nightcore Superhero 1 Hour
Enjoy the Nightcore! If you want me to nightcore something - comment below! Original artist: Simon Curtis Original nightcore: ...


Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Music Video Optimus Prime Tribute
Кому нравится этот мультик трансформеоы прайм Ставь Лайк Музыка:SuperHero.

Transformers Age Of Extinction AMV Superheroes
Hey! I'm back with the new AMV! :D I know, I know, it took too long, but when I got the movie it had an error, and I couldn't use it, so I had to get another version ...

Simon Curtis - Superhero (lyrics HD)
I don't own the pic or song. All credits to Simon Curtis. Album: RA Hope you enjoy!

Superhero - Simon Curtis [Sub Español]
Canción: Superhero (Superhéroe) Artista: Simon Curtis Álbum: RΔ Hola amigos, por si se preguntaban, todavia sigo vivo :D, solo que un poco ocupado :/, no he ...

Simon Curtis - Superhero lyrics ♫
Artist: Simon Curtis Song: Superhero.

Smokescreen Tribute
please watch this.... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Smokescreen (Fictional Character), Transformers: Prime,TFP, ...


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