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Latest Album - AFOWOFA. All song written and composed by Evang. Lekan Remilekun Amos. Listen, get a copy and be blessed.

lekan remilekun amos ore ofe
lekan remilekun amos (ore ofe)

Lekan Remilekun Amos: Aditu Nla (ilaje gospel)

Lekan Remilekun Amos: Olorun Esan (ilaje gospel)

lekan remilekun amos igi aruwe track one
Nigerian ilaje music.

IFARADA - Evang. Lekan Remilekun Amos
Its finally here on Youtube, the much anticipated Zion music album by Evang. Lekan Remilekun Amos. . . . Listen and be blessed.

Evg Lekan Remilekun Amos: Afowofa (Ilaje Gospel)

lekan remilekun amos ifarada
video (track one)

Lekan Remilekun Amos-aiye soro3
remilekun amos's sone olalekan.

Dr. Sola Korolo: Odo jin jin l'aiye (ilaje gospel)

Lekan Remilekun Amos Omo Bornage

lekan remilekun amos (padawa oluomo)
Video Upload powered by

remilekun olorumida 2
ilaje music.

Lekan Remilekun Amos: Ifarada (ilaje gospel)

Dr. Remilekun Amos: Iriri Aiye (ilaje gospel)

Remilekun Amos: Kadara (ilaje gospel)

Dr Remilekun Amos (Old school ilaje gospel)

lekan remilekun amos igi aruwe track three
ilaje music.

Lekan Remilekun Amos & Esther Igbekele - Victorious Praise - Latest Nigerian Gospel Song
Nigerian Gospel Music, Christian Music, Nigerian Praise & Worship Naija Gospel Music, Latest 2018 Nigerian Gospel Music from Top Yoruba Music Nigeria ...


A Nigerian Gospel Music by Evangelist Lekan Remilekun Amos (side B) -Video Upload powered by

lekan remilekun amos igi aruwe track two
ilaje music nigeria.

Ma Gbadura 1 -- Dr Remilekun Amos (Omo Dafidi)
Album: Ma Gbadura 1 -- Dr. Amos Remilekun (Omo Dafidi) 1. Ma gbadura 2. Ko seni t'Olrun gbage 3. Maje ki nlo lofo 4. Aigboran 5. Eje lomo mi ndese.

Dr. Remilekun Amos: Victory (Ilaje gospel)

A gospel music from evangelist Lekan Remilekun Amos -Video Upload powered by

Remilekun Amos -- Kutukutu Owuro Mi

Pst Segun Ashogbon: Back to sender (ilaje gospel)

Ma to mi Olorun Snr A P Remilekun Amos Omo Dafidi

Dr. Remilekun Amos: Iwa Eda (ilaje Gospel)

Remilekun Amos Eternal life

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