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Husky RescueArtist info Husky Rescue is a Finnish indie pop band founded in 2004 in Helsinki, Finland.After touring 2010’s Ship of Light album, culminating in their last performance at Flow Festival in Helsinki, August 2011, one chapter closed and another began. Prompted in part by long standing singer Reeta Vestman taking the opportunity to study musical theatre in London, Husky Rescue main man, multi instrumentalist and producer Marko Nyberg decided to strip everything down and start afresh, changing pretty much everything, to head into a more intimate, bright and natural direction. Deciding on a new singer he met up with the intriguing and mysterious Swedish vocalist Johanna Kalén in Stockholm and impressed and enthused with her utterly beautiful voice and ‘neo-hippy’ outlook, he also drafted in his old English friend, and honourary Finn, Antony Bentley (son of a moose skull player, always trekking the vast landscapes of computer music) and realized that this new line-up was heading exactly where he wanted and could bring to life the new music that he was hearing in his head... Read more

Husky Rescue - Diamonds In the Sky
not mine -uploaded in HD at

Husky Rescue - Diamonds In The Sky (Deaf Stereo Remix)
Label: Catskills Records Released: 2006 Genre: Electronic, Pop Like it? Buy it and support the artist!

Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love (Instrumental)
From the special edition of, "Ship Of Light" (2011). Credit goes to Husky Rescue, Catskills Records.

Sound of Love (The Twelves Instrumental Remix) - Husky Rescue
Song: Sound of Love (The Twelves Instrumental Remix) Artist: Husky Rescue.

Husky Rescue - We Shall Burn Bright

Husky Rescue - We Shall Burn Bright (Kuti 77 remix)
Download track: Footage from "Jackpot 2" by Mika Kaurismäki.

diamonds rot the sky-instrumental-By -I'D'K'- .wmv
lol I'D'K's first instrumental lol dont worry there will be screaming vocals our getting worked on what do you think??? more songs coming soooooon subscribe!

Diamonds in the Sky Remix(Instrumental)
Remember how I said in the description of my Sky Fortress Act 2 remix that Sky Fortress was the first remixed that I FINISHED this year so far? Well, I've been ...

In Situ Sound - New Instrumental
Red Eyed Fly - Austin, TX 11-5-2009 Here we have a small preview of a dark new instrumental..

Drunken Husky - Nothing (Instrumental)
Chill out :)

Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love (Chinese exclusive version)
Good-bye, Husky, and thanks You!

Husky Rescue - Blueberry Tree, Pt. 3
The third and final part of Husky Rescue's "Blueberry Tree" I do not benefit financially from these videos. I upload them so people have access to music they ...

(Erik Neissel Bootleg) Diamonds in the Sky - (TV Rock & Hook N Sling feat. Rudy)

Husky Rescue - When Time Was On Their Side (Instrumental)
From the special edition of, "Ship Of Light" (2011). Credit goes to Husky Rescue, Catskills Records.

Husky Rescue "Sound of Love" 720p
Husky Rescue - Sound of Love 720p by KASINO Music video for Husky Rescue directed by Pekka Toivonen & Jussi Puikkonen / KASINO,, ...

Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy (Serge Santiago Remix)

Markus Kienzl - Dundy Lion
Dundy Lion by Markus Kienzl from the album Dundy Lion Released 2005-06-01 on klein records Download on iTunes: ...

Husky Rescue - "Sound Of Love" (New Version)
The Official video for the single "Sound Of Love" filmed in China, 2010. Taken from the album "Ship Of Light" (Special Edition) (c) & p Catskills Records 2010.

Husky Rescue - New light of tomorrow ( acoustic sessions ).wmv
Husky Rescue's song New Light of Tomorrow from acoustic sessions. Album: Other World ( Remixes and Rarities)

Husky Rescue - Sound of Love (WEARETIM Remix)
Remix by WEARETIM - The Incredible Machines Download Link: Follow us on Facebook

'DIAMONDS IN THE SKY' (Jack Sword Remix) ROCK & Hook n Sling ft Rudy [HQ]
iTunes:: Beatport:: ...

Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love
not mine -uploaded in HD at

"Diamonds (In the Sky)" cover
instrumental track by JandyAndrey! Some of the parts are a little different because I wanted to fit the song with my vocal style. Enjoy :) please subscribe, rate, ...

Husky Rescue - Gasoline Girl
Well there wasn't any movie with this song, so I thought: let's make one! Here it is.

Diamonds In The Sky - Sultan of Sound
The Sultan of Sound's: Diamonds In The Sky download it at... email the sultan: [email protected] web: ...

Summertime Cowboy (chiptune) - Husky Rescue
Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy.

Husky Rescue - Caravan (Serge Santiago Remix)
buy it @

Diamond in the sky☆
Sachi wrote this special song for Maki on her birthday!


Husky Rescue - New Light of Tomorrow (SPLiCER Dubstep Remix)
Here's a dub remix of one of my all time favorite tracks by Husky Rescue. Hope you enjoy! ^_____^ ...

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