Free Download Defying Gravity (WICKED) Broadway Cover - Grace Lee mp3

Defying Gravity (WICKED) Broadway Cover - Grace Lee
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Les Miserables - I Dreamed a Dream/On My Own (Grace Lee)
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Defying Gravity (Wicked) - Cover by Matheus
So I decided to sing some musical theatre songs and this one turned out better than expected, I hope y'all like it. ^ ^ It was super improvised so like..yeah. LOL (I apologize that the instrumental...

Defying Gravity - Wicked - Broadway Musical
Defying Gravity from the Broadway musical, Wicked performed by Lindsey Todd. For more information go to Permanent Link:

Defying Gravity (Covered By "Bea The Singer")
"Defying Gravity" from Wicked The Musical. Words and Music by Stephen Schwartz. Recorded and mixed At Astroid Studios. Performed by Beatrice Barker.

I got the chance to perform as Elphaba for a corporate event and sang this song. Here are some pics and audio! Sorry for the ads popping up- there is no way for me to disable them. :-( ...

Wicked - Defying Gravity (Live Cover by Brittany J Smith)
Hi magical beings! Here's my live cover of Defying Gravity from Wicked. :) Hope it makes you smile! Let's be BFFs: INSTA: @thebrittanyjsmith TWITTER: @thebrittanyjs SPECIAL THANKS TO MY...

Defying Gravity - Isabel Descutner LIVE Cover - Wicked
Follow me on instagram! :) Thank you so much for listening!

Gravity - Wicked Musical version of Defying Gravity (Cover)
Hi. This is the Wicked Musical version of Defying Gravity, filmed at the Northern Vocal Academy. We performed this at the final of Cas Factor 2016 where we were making a guest appearance...

Defying Gravity (Wicked) - Alicia María cover
Cover vocal de Defying Gravity, canción interpretada por Idina Menzel en el musical Wicked.

Defying Gravity - Wicked - Cover
I have always wanted to give this song a go - such a challenge and a lot of fun. Can't see me playing Elphaba anytime soon though - after all, I'm not green! Thanks to Chris King - as always...

Me singing "Defying Gravity" (cover)
This is my cover of the song "Defying Gravity" from the famous musical Wicked. Enjoy! Please like this video and subscribe to my channel! Click here to check out my previous cover: "Skyfall"...

Scarlet Canary - Defying Gravity From Wicked (Hard Rock Cover by Scarlet Canary)
Click to subscribe to more Scarlet Canary: Scarlet Canary cover of Defying Gravity from the Musical Wicked

Defying Gravity Cover from Wicked The Musical
Created with Sing! Karaoke on Smule -

Defying Gravity Wicked Cover (Jeffrey Sewell)
I haven't sung this whole song in years, but it's still one of my favorite songs of all time, and I thought why not! This is a cool way for people who used to watch my videos to compare how...

Defying Gravity (Cover)
This is for a request made by a dear co. worker of mine Marissa, it's by far close to being anything but perfect but it is what it is. -Erika Osuna.

Togun - Defying Gravity (Rock/Pop/Punk Cover)
A classic which I thoroughly enjoyed making, the stage production is awesome as well. be sure to comment and let me know what you think ! Big thanks to Billy "Billbot" who helped me with some...

Defying Gravity - Wicked - (Cover by Shana Dagny)
A live rehearsal take of Shana Dagny in recording Share this on Facebook:

Hero - Mariah Carey (Cover by Grace Lee)
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Defying Gravity - Victoria Burrough (Wicked Cover)
Musical Mondays! Good old change of scenery! Enjoy! Xxx.

defying gravity~wicked (solo version cover)

Defying Gravity Cover (Wicked)
Defying Gravity Cover, 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony, Adriana.

Defying Gravity (cover)

Michalina Olszewska | Defying Gravity | Wicked | cover
Check out my cover of Defying Gravity from Wicked! It is probably one of my fovourite songs to sing. I hope you like it! If you do, please leave a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for...

Cindy Trannguyen - Defying Gravity (Wicked Cover)
Cindy stopped by the studio to record a cover of one of the best songs from Wicked in our opinion. This video and is to help her try out for some competitions and different opportunities in...

Defying Gravity Wicked - Patrycja Fusiewicz (cover)
Kasia Kucharczyk - charakteryzacja: Patrycja Fusiewicz - wokal: Cezary Książka - Realizacja Audio/Video ...

Mackenzie Lynn - Defying Gravity (Cover)
I've struggled with "feeling good enough" my whole life. It was especially hard for me because I...

Glee "For Good" Wicked (cover) Sam Tsui & Nick Pitera duet
I had the peasure of collaborating with Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider! They are two extremely talented guys, and I am so excited to post this video. Thanks to Kurt for producing and editing!!...

Wicked Defying Gravity Cover at Butlins Got Talent
i decided to enter my works little talent show with defying gravity from the musical wicked, and won! I know its not perfect, but i hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own any music or anything...

Wicked Defying Gravity Male Cover (by me)
My cover of my favorite song" Defying Gravity" from the hit musical Wicked, lowered to an appropriate male key.

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