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Atomic FireballsArtist info The Atomic Fireballs is a Swing group led by vocalist/songwriter John Bunkley. The group was formed during 1996 in Detroit and is comprised of Bunkley on vocals, Bostek on trumpet, Tony Buccilli on trombone, Duke Kingins on guitar, Shawn Scaggs on double bass, Eric Schabo on tenor sax, Geoff Kinde on Drums and Randy Sly on piano. In September of 1999 until the band's demise, Shawn Scaggs was replaced by Seán E. Harris on double bass and James Bostek was replaced by Kenneth Ferry, Jr, on trumpet... Read more

Swing Sweet Pussycat by the Atomic Fireballs
Swing sweet pussycat by the Atomic Fireballs.

The Atomic Fireballs - Man with the Hex [ScoobyDoo version]
I love this music ;D this is a scooby doo version... i think (:

The Atomic Fireballs - Hit By A Brick

The atomic fireballs- Pango Pango
The Atomic Fireballs is a Detroit band led by vocalist/songwriter John Bunkley. The group was formed during 1996. Great tune!!

Man with the hex (Man with the power) - The Atomic Fireballs w/ lyrics
LYRICS: You remind of a man. (What man?) Oh, the man with the power. (What power?) Oh, the power of voodoo (Who do?) Oh, you do, you do (Do what?)

The Atomic Fireballs - Spanish Fly
This is a sweet band.

Atomic Fireballs - Mata Hari

Atomic Fireballs - Caviar & Chitlins
Finally a fucking Atomic Fireballs video on youtube, these guys really need to make a DVD or something they're fucking great!

Atomic Fireballs - Man with the hex
a great song..

The Atomic Fireballs - Calypso King
The Atomic Fireballs, Torch This Place (1999)

High Jinx 2013 - Atomic FireBalls - Man With The Hex
Music taken from the successful magic and illusion show of 2013 High Jinx.

Man With The Hex - The Atomic Fireballs Drum Cover
Straight out of Spooky Island Copyright belongs to its owner(s)

THE ATOMIC FIREBALLS - Caviar & Chitlins
Fantastic song taken from their 1999 record 'Torch This Place' - Wonderful swing!

CAVIAR & CHITLINS - Atomic Fireballs
Caviar & Chitlins - Atomic Fireballs

Swing, Sweet Pussycat - The atomic fireballs
From the "Three to tango" original soundtrack.

drink drank drunk -The Atomic Fireballs-
The Atomic Fireballs.

Atomic Fireball - Television Kills Me
Strange Ways.

LOVER LIES - Atomic Fireballs
Lover Lies - Atomic Fireballs

Swing Sweet Pussycat - Atomic Fireballs

The Atomic Fireballs - Flowers in the sand
The Atomic Fireballs, Torch This Place (1999)

The Atomic Fireballs - Lover Lies
Artist : The Atomic Fireballs Song : Lover Lies Picture : Scene from Blow Up Follow us on Facebook : ---

The Atomic Fireballs - Lover Lies

The Atomic Fireballs, Early 1990's Garage Rock "Western Skies"
The Chicago Fireballs had a brief career at the end of the 80's and start of the 90's. These six mostly not so young men played a serious brand of garage rock in ...

"Man With The Hex" - The Atomic Fireballs (drum cover)
My drum cover of Man With The Hex. I don't own the rights to this song. Enjoy :D Intro graphics by: Intro music: "Product ...

Route 66 - Atomic Fireballs
Route 66 - Atomic Fireballs.

Atomic Fireballs return w/ “Fish In My Car”
We have unearthed another tape of vintage (the only kind there is) Atomic Fireballs live material. This time the boys roll out a little Chicago blues rock style for ...

Atomic Fireballs-Playboy
Atomic Fireballs performing at the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2010. Arlie Wilbourne playing bass guitar and singing Playboy, ...

I Don't Want to Start - Atomic Fireballs
I Don't Want to Start - Atomic Fireballs.

Jive Music: Caviar & Chitlins by the Atomic Fireballs These Jive songs are on our Jive playlist. Check out our other playlists for all of the ballroom and latin dances: Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, ...

Man with the hex-Atomic Fireballs w lyrics
la conoces o te suena conocida????

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