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Ashton, Gardner & DykeArtist info Band members:Tony Ashton — (born Edward Anthony Ashton, 1 March 1946, Blackburn; died 28 May 2001) — keyboardist. Kim Gardner — (born 27 January 1946, Dulwich, London; died 24 October 2001) — bassist. Roy Dyke — (born 13 February 1945, Liverpool) — drummer. Mick Liber — (born 1 March 1944, Peebles, Scotland) — lead guitar... Read more

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke 1969
Blues Rock, Jazz-Rock Ashton, Gardner and Dyke were a power rock trio, most popular in the early 1970s. They are best remembered for their song, ...

Ashton Gardner & Dyke - Live in Montreux 1970
Ashton Gardner & Dyke, who had a huge hit in 1970 with 'The Resurrection Shuffle, were signed to the Deep Purple (Overseas) company and toured extensively ...

Ashton Gardner & Dyke - The Resurrection Shuffle
Ashton Gardner & Dyke - The Resurrection Shuffle.

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke - Rolling Home
Find the full Beat-Club episode on iTunes!

Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co - Can You Get It (1971)
Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co - Can You Get It (1971) Retro Seventies 1971 Pop Rock.

Resurrection Shuffle - Ashton, Gardner & Dyke

Ashton Gardner & Dyke - Young Man
The debut album by one of Britain's lesser-starred supergroup is a markedly different beast than fans of their former bands, the Remo Four and Creation, might ...

The Resurrection Shuffle
Subscribe to the official Deep Purple channel here! Ashton Gardner & Dykes's classic 1971 track 'The Resurrection Shuffle' performed live ...

the last rebel (1971) OST FULL ALBUM ashton gardner & dyke deep purple
"The Last Rebel," Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Musical Score Composed by Jon Lord and Tony Ashton, Performed by Ashton, Gardner & Dyke with Royal ...

Ashton Gardner & Dyke - Ballad Of The Remo Four
The Remo Four was a Liverpool based beat group which Aston and Dyke played with in 1963. Great video filmed in London near Brent. Filmed in 1971 and part ...

Tony Ashton - Resurrection Shuffle 1971
Tony Ashton - Resurrection Shuffle 1971 Original by by Ashton, Gardener & Dyke Twist yourself further From the middle of the floor Throw a little kiss to The ...

Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co - Delirium
Great jazz rock cut.

The Steaming Monzas: Resurrection Shuffle" (Ashton, Gardner & Dyke)
The Steaming Monzas performing Resurrection Shuffle" (Ashton, Gardner & Dyke) live at The ARC Yinnar Switchroom, Yinnar Victoria, Australia. Friday the 3rd ...

Tony Ashton, Howie Casey & Jon Lord - Resurrection Shuffle
Live jam session featuring Tony Ashton (keyboard, vocal), Howie Casey (sax), Bernie Marsden (guitar), Jon Lord (Hammond organ), etc.

Ashton Gardner & Dyke- Billy and His Piano 1969 TONY ASHTON
Rare German TV clip.

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke - The Resurrection Shuffle - Vinyl Play
The Human Jukebox presents a collection of original vinyl singles that can be seen and heard in true hi-fidelity mono or stereo.

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke - Resurrection shuffle
Consulte también el canal "Gato Nando"( NOTE: No attempt to violate copyright.Copyrights ...

Ashton Gardner and Dyke - Ressurection Shuffle
Top of the Pops comments and rartings please.

Bachmann BluesBand - Resurrection shuffle ( Ashton,Gardner and Dyke
Bachmann BluesBand live at Jazzfest Worms 2005.

Ashton Gardner and Dyke - Hymn To Everyone
USA 1970.

Ashton Gardner and Dyke - Oh Lord
USA 1970.

Ashton Gardner & Dyke featuring Tony Ashton 1969
British keyboard player/singer Tony Ashton is seen here with Ashton Gardner & Dyke playing Rolling Home. They were one of the most exciting and innovative ...

Beat Club #63 (1971)
Beat-Club 63 - 30.01.1971 01. Joe Cocker - Cry me a river 02. Patto - San Antone 03. Ashton, Gardner & Dyke - Mister Freako 04. Ashton, Gardner & Dyke ...

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke - You, Me And A Friend Of Mine Tony Ashton was approached via Deep Purple's manager in 1970 to write a soundtrack for a western. Tony contacted his ...

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke - "Resurrection Shuffle" - '70 - stereo
I SAW these guys LIVE, back in the early Seventies and they were a SERIOUSLY good band.

Ashton Gardner and Dyke - Resurrection Shuffle
USA 1970.

Ashton Gardner & Dyke - Resurrection Shuffle

Resurrection Shuffle by Ashton, Gardner, & Dyke [email protected] Phoenix
Me performing the song Resurrection Shuffle by Ashton, Gardner, & Dyke [all original artist rights reserved - thank you!] during Tuesday Karaoke at The Phoenix ...

Ashton Gardner and Dyke - Mister Freako
USA 1970.

Closer To God (DJ Hype) Vs Ashton Gardner & Dyke, Resurrection Shuffle
oh dear, what mess.

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