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Artimus PyledriverArtist info Atlanta, USA20012007Good whiskey-soaked hard rock from Atlanta.Band Members were:Dave Slocum - VocalsJim Hall - GuitarTravis Owen - DrumsMike Faulkner - BassKevin Bond - Guitar.Influences: Skynyrd, Refused, Motorhead, ZZ Top, Buzzoven, EYEHATEGOD, The Melvins, Karp, Acid Bath, Deep Purple, Down, James Gang, Roky Erickson, The Misfits, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, skateboards, hot rods, scooters, whiskey, the south. ... Read more

Artimus Pyledriver - Swamp Devil
Fourth song of the Southern Fried EP(2002) Anytime the band asks the video to be removed it will.

Artimus Pyledriver - Dirt Road White Girl
First song of the Southern Fried EP(2002) Anytime the band asks the video to be removed it will.

Artimus Pyledriver - Shaggin Ass
Third song of the Southern Fried EP(2002) Anytime the band asks the video to be removed it will.

Artimus Pyledriver - High Life
Second song of the Southern Fried EP(2002) Anytime the band asks the video to be removed it will.

Artimus Pyledriver - Up the Creek
Fifth song of the Southern Fried EP(2002) Black water, Lord don't ya scare me I embrace all the tranquility Night fishin' under the southern sky I feel the north ...

Artimus Pyledriver - High Life
Artimus Pyledriver - High Life from the self titled CD © DRT Entertainment (June 6, 2006, cat. # DRT443) Please Visit the Facebook page: ...

ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER - Dirt Road White Girl (Live in Seattle)
Artimus Pyledriver playing 'Dirt Road White Girl' live at El Corazon in Seattle, WA on 3-3-07.

Floodgate - Penalty [full album] HQ HD groove southern metal
A great album in the style of Down and COC featuring Exhorder and Trouble vocalist Kyle Thomas. timestamps thanks to hibblock 00:00 Shivering 03:50 ...

Southern Africa's Rock 'n Roll Mountain Men. The video for "Mountain Man" from the first album "Act of Goat" 2009. Find our latest video, the title track from ...

Blessed Hellride - Moonshine Saloon [Southern/Groove Metal]
Bastards & Outlaws (2015) Buy the album here:

Motörhead - Killed by Death (Predator 1987 Fan Vid & Overdriver Vocal) HQ
This is a Predator (1987) fan video with a remastered Overdriver vocal cover in high quality. Sorry for guitar at 0:15, his timing is awfully wrong and I can't correct ...

The Southern Society - Go with the Flow
The Southern Society is a heavy/southern metal band from Serbia. This is the third track from their debut album "Tales from a Southern Land" (2012). For more ...

Southern Flame - Born to Never See
Album: Whiskey Metal.

Slowtorch - Piledriver (Official Music Video)
All rights belong to their respective owners. Only For Promotion!!! Italian Stoner/Southern Metal Band 'Slowtorch': "Piledriver" from Album "Serpente" released ...

Stonedirt - Washed Away
Stonedirt - Washed Away from the album "Redneck Blues" (R) Edge Records, 2007 Style: southern/thrash metal

Longkillah- Big Bad Boner-video
Longkillah, `Killah, Longkillah-video,Hard rock, riff rock, southern, boogie, stoner, punk, punk-rock, Kick ass rock`n roll.

Southern Metal Breakdown
SteelBourn Live April 16th 2015 at Lola's in Ft. Worth Texas. A fun time hanging out. Come see them at Tomcats West in Ft. Worth Texas for Rockers against M.S. ...

16 de abril. Gruta 77 (Madrid). Southern Metal Fest. Minirreportaje sobre las bandas que lo conforman. MAS INFORMACIÓN: ...

Este vídeo versa sobre SOUTHERN METAL FEST.

Studio Update - Drums
Joey layin' down the drum tracks for our debut album.

One Way Out
Gig with the great Artimus Pyle.

Darkenius Storm - MISERY (Full Album) 58:49
Darkenius Storm - MISERY (Full Album) Genre: Electro Dark Ambient Progressive Industrial Alternative Rock/Metal and Nu-Metal (It's really hard to say what ...

Southern Whiskey Rebellion - Hypocrite
Eleventh song of the "On Guard Until the Seal Is Broken" album Anytime the band asks the video to be removed,it will.

Fantasy Fuel by Destruction Evolution [Explicit]
A southern metal song about a stripper! Lyrics below: ...

Warheads Volume 1 - Southern Metal Compilation FULL ALBUM

Degradations - Thru Hauntings We Burn

Bezoar - Wyt Deth (Full Album 2012)
Artist: Bezoar Album: Wyt Deth Release Year: 2012 Country: USA Genre/Style: Experimental, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Black Metal, ...

HEADBLASTER - Live Red studio 2017 (Southern metal, stoner)
Headblaster live à Douai, au Red studio, le 10/02/2017. C'est un groupe de metal/ stoner de Cambrai. Autres vidéos de concerts dans le Nord: ...

Methane - Hang Me High ' Southern Metal' EP
Methane Hang Me High Southern Metal EP Track 3 Download it FREE at Also Available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon ...

Whiskey Southern Band at Hard Rock Cafe
This is what it's like when drumming for my band. I always tell every one I can never hear my band so I count like crazy LOL. Song is "In Your Game"

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