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Armen ChakmakianArtist info Armen Chakmakian is a keyboardist, composer, recording artist, and producer. Formerly the keyboardist for the GRAMMY® award winning band Shadowfax, their 1992 CD, Esperanto, was nominated for a Best New Age Album GRAMMY® Award. He has released two solo albums on his label TruArt Records: Ceremonies (1998); Caravans (2004). Two tracks from Ceremonies also appear on the famed Buddha-Bar and Buddha-Bar IV compilation albums... Read more

Armen Chakmakian - Ceremonies

Armen Chakmakian - Gypsy Rain
Buddha Bar I (1999), CD 1 - Buddha's Dinner 14 - Armen Chakmakian - Gypsy Rain.

Armen Chakmakian Live
"Firedance" Live 2004 with Armen Chakmakian. Martin Flores playing drums. Piano - Armen Chakmakian Oud - John Bilezikian Bass - Cees Van Der Linden Guitar - Federico Ramos Percussion - Andre...

Armen Chakmakian ft. Djivan Gasparyan - Ceremonies (HQ)
Posted by Adam G. T. - Uncompressed sound. Release Date: 1998 Label: TruArt Records _ Check out my favourite Drawer/Designer introducing video:

Armen Chakmakian "Imaginings"
From Armen's Album "Ceremonies". A 7/8 groove. Armen Chakmakian-Piano Martin Flores-Drums Doug Lund-Bass Andre Harutyunyan-Darbuka.

Buddha Bar Vol. 1 - Armen Chakmakian - Gypsy Rain
Armen Chakmakian's beautiful song from the relaxing lounge music collection "Buddha Bar Vol. 1"

Armen Chakmakian - Ceremonies (Armenia)
Consulte también los canales: "Gato Nando" ( y "World Music de Gato Nando" ( NOTE: No attempt to violate copyright...

Ceremonies - Armen Chakmakian
"Ceremonies" video from Armen Chakmakian's solo album "Ceremonies." Music features Djivan Gasparyan on Duduk. Video directed by Albert Kodagolian ©1998 Armen Chakmakian / Terame Oure Music...

Armen Chakmakian-A Kiss and a Sign.

Armen Chakmakian - Rain, Rain Go Away
Album Ceremonies featuring Djivan Gasparyan.

Logic Pro 9 Screen Recording of "Global Communiqué"
A screen recording of music I composed and mixed on Logic Pro for a production library. "Global Communique" recorded and mixed in Logic Pro. © ℗ Copyright 2012 Armen Chakmakian.

Ceremonies Armen Chakmakian

Armen Chakmakian - Birdsong
Song: Birdsong Composed by: Armen Chakmakian Artwork: Razmik Megerdichian - Busted.

Armen Chakmakian - Distant Lands Buddha Bar Lounge
Subscribe To Lounge Nation! --------------------------------------------- ▷ Lounge Nation Pages! Facebook: Twitter: https://twitt...

Mixing Music in Logic X using MIR PRO
I start with a finished recorded track in Logic X. All channels are panned center inside of Logic and I have only EQs and compressors on some channels and some mastering plug-ins on the master...

"Barock" (Russian Swing) from Saltimbanco (Cirque du Soleil)
A close-up overhead view of keyboardist Armen Chakmakian playing on stage for Cirque du Soleil's "Saltimbanco" band in Rio de Janeiro, December 9, 2006. Read my notes on top of the video...

Interview with Armen Chakmakian composer & keyboardist
Armen Chakmakian talks with about his music.

Tuning Piano with CyberTuner
Daniel Ene, master piano tech and piano tuner tunes my piano using computer software called CyberTuner. Daniel's web site:, [email protected] His shop (818)...

14 - Armen Chakmakian - Gypsy Rain
Buddha-Bar (CD1 - Buddha's Dinner) (By Claude Challe) (1999)

Gasparyan / Chakmakian- " Distant Lands " (World Jazz Fusion)

14 - Armen Chakmakian - Gypsy Rain
Buddha-Bar (CD1 - Buddha's Dinner) (By Claude Challe) (1999)

Armen Chakmakian & Djivan Gasparyan - Ceremonies

Armen Chakmakian @ Catalina Bar

Armen Chakmakian on WorldStreams Radio
First 10 minutes of an hour interview with World Fusion musician Armen Chakmakian. Listen to the the entire interview at

Gypsy Rain_Claude Challe_Armen Chakmakian
Gypsy Rain...Claude Challe/Armen Chakmakian.

TMZ Music - "Happy Go Lucky" recording session with drummer
"Happy Go Lucky" by Armen Chakmakian Martin Flores: Drums Armen Chakmakian: Composer and keyboardist Billy Burke: Engineer © 2010 Armen Chakmakian (BMI) and Dawn Syndicated Productions,...

buddha-bar I cd1_14.Armen Chakmakian - Gypsy Rain
buddha-bar I cd1_14.Armen Chakmakian - Gypsy Rain.

Varoujan & Lauren's Wedding Slideshow
Slide show for Wedding - Varoujan & Lauren. Scenes from days past looking forward to days to come. 22 August 2015 Music: Armen Chakmakian - Caravans & Ceremonies.

Shawn Jones "Crossroads" (Cover)
October, 2009 Shawn Jones Band @ The Watermark, Ventura Ca. Shawn Jones, Otis Hayes (drums), Will MacGregor (bass), Armen Chakmakian (keys)

Welcome to Rio!
When Saltimbanco arrived to Rio de Janeiro on October 24, 2006, we were greeted at our hotel by live music, caipirinhas and lots of smiles! | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |