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Arling & CameronArtist info Gerry Arling and Richard Cameron, simply known as Arling & Cameron, are a Dutch duo, who make electronic music:: loungy, relaxed, jazzy, sometimes more uptempo. Arling & Cameron are obsessively pan-eclectic. They are so post-everything that they're not even a band. After years of toiling in acclaimed obscurity providing mutant soundtracks to the lives of the hipper dance floors and denizens of this world, their solid songs have now officially entered global consciousness through extensive use in some mighty mass media... Read more

Arling & Cameron - w.e.e.k.e.n.d.
Song from the Arling & Cameron album 'Music for imaginary films' (2000). Video directed by Arnoud Holleman.

Arling & Cameron - Voulez-Vous
Buy the album like I did!

Arling & Cameron - Dirty Robot music video
Amateur music video made by Sjoerd Niekamp and Janno Martens for the remixed version of the 'Dirty Robot' song by Arling & Cameron.

Arling & Cameron - Weekend
Weekend by Arling & Cameron. I play this song every friday. I do not own this song, all rights property of Drive-In Productions.

Arling & Cameron - Slow Food
A & C Slow Food.

taken from 'all in' album.

Arling & Cameron feat Fay Lovsky - Gershwin
From Donuts #3 1999.

Arling & Cameron - "We Love Dancing"
Song from the Arling & Cameron album 'All in' (1997/1999). The video was made by one of the singers, Tomoko Take.

Arling & Cameron - Come On ft. FERAL is KINKY
From the album Good Times, get it here: iTunes: Spotify: © 2015 Drive-in Music by: Gerry ...

Le Flic Et la Fille * Arling & Cameron
Musical Rights: 2000 Emperor Norton ******************************************* Vintage Cars and Girls - 60's Advertising

ARLING & CAMERON- Sunday (2001)
From the ARLING & CAMERON- cd "We Are A&C" (2001). P&C 2007 Challenge Records International. With Fay Lovsky on vocals.

Arling & Cameron ft. Nina Hagen - "Eve"
Video for our Arling & Cameron song "Eve" (ft. Nina Hagen). From our album GOOD TIMES. Get the track with the album: ...

Arling & Cameron - Club Fashion
Arling & Cameron - "Club Fashion" (from new album GOOD TIMES). Get the album on iTunes: Video: Illustration & direction by Martin ...

Arling & Cameron - Fifth Dimension
Song from the Arling & Cameron album 'We are A&C' (2001). The video was made by the team that did the popular 90s childrens TV series 'Poppentje' in ...

Arling & Cameron - NY is burning
A no-budget video I shot to our song "NY is burning". The song is avaialble on iTunes, etc., and it's featured on the upcoming A&C album GOOD TIMES (release ...

Arling & Cameron - Milano Cool

Arling & Cameron feat. Princess Superstar - "reanimated"
from the new Arling & Cameron album GOOD TIMES Get the album on iTunes: illustration & direction: Martin Butler performers: Helga ...

Arling & Cameron & Swarte - Jealousie
"Jealousie", from the 1998 album Sound Shopping. ;) -uploaded in HD at

Voulez-Vous? - Arling & Cameron
07. Voulez-Vous? form the album All-In ℗ 1999 Emperor Norton Records. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment ...

Arling & Cameron - NY is burning
From the album Good Times, get it here: iTunes: Spotify: © 2015 Drive-in Music by: Gerry ...

The Lemonheads - "Dirty Robot" ft. Kate Moss (Arling & Cameron)
THE LEMONHEADS – 'VARSHONS' – OUT NOW ON VINYL! The Lemonheads last album Varshons is released for the very first time on limited edition 180gm ...

Arling & Cameron W.E.E.K.E.N.D.

Arling & Cameron - Good Times (Drive-in) [Full Album]
Arling & Cameron - Good Times Released 2015-04-03 on Drive-in 1. 00:00:00 Arling & Cameron Good Time (feat. DUZT) 2. 00:03:52 Arling & Cameron ...

Arling & Cameron - Amoy TV ad
A work for hire track by Arling & Cameron for a Amoy TV ad.

Arling & Cameron - 80´s ft. Princess Superstar
From the album Good Times, get it here: iTunes: Spotify: © 2015 Drive-in Music by: Gerry ...

Arling & Cameron - Sunday
Another great tune from

Arling & Cameron - 80s (feat. Princess Superstar)
80s (feat. Princess Superstar) by Arling & Cameron from the album Good Times Released 2015-04-03 on Drive-in Arling & Cameron are back with a vengeance ...

Arling & Cameron - Shiva's R&R Dub


Arling & Cameron / Popcorn - Tap-Moi-La (1995)
The very very first Arling and Cameron video clip. Directed by Rene Nuijens, Popcorn were: Eddy de Clercq, Richard Cameron and ...

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