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AphroditeArtist info There are multiple artists with this name:1) Aphrodite (born Gavin King) less commonly known as A Zone or DJ Aphro, is a UK jungle and drum'n'bass DJ/producer who well and truly put the bass in drum & bass. Working alongside Micky Finn on their joint Urban Takeover label, they have released some of the scene's definitive dancefloor tracks, whilst also having significant solo success (even hitting the UK Top20 in '98) . One of the oldest drum and bass producers, he largely contributed to and influenced drum and bass' current styles and techniques. He is also master of "jump-up" drum and bass, i... Read more

DJ Aphrodite - Acid to the sound
DJ Aphrodite Aphrodite Recordings Release APH-62a, "Acid To The Sound" released May 2015. To...

Aphrodite - Stalker
Aphrodite Recordings / V2 Records From the Album Aphrodite - Aphrodite A VIP of Stalker was made for the Movie 'Human Traffic' and the record shop scene became one of the key moments of...

Aphrodite Nostalgia Mix (Jump Up DnB)
Full album mix. Best for wake up in morning. Tracklist: full album Aphrodite (1999) — best drum and bass album ever! + track Aphromoods from album Recordings (Yellow cover) (1997). Aphrodite...

Aphrodite @ The World Of Drum&Bass, Moscow, February 2015
TC Group представляют новую постановку легендарного события "World Of Drum&Bass". Беспрецедентный состав участников...

Aphrodite - Calcutta
Aphrodite Recordings (Vinyl Release RECUTS-14) Featured on the artist Album Aphrodite - Aftershock (2002) Digital and Vinyl Sales from Aphrodite Recordings Online Store : https://aphroditerecordi...

One In The Jungle - Aphrodite 21/03/1997
One In The Jungle - Aphrodite 21/03/1997 DOWNLOAD: One In The Jungle Archive

Dj Aphrodite Mother Day Special 1997
its a really old set from my old fav. Dj ^^ i hope you like it :) he was so good these days...

DJ Aphrodite - Karma Sutra (Original Mix)
Aphrodite Recordings Digital and Vinyl Sales from Aphrodite Recordings Online Store : Signed Rare and Classic Vinyl :

Suddenly I See Aphrodite
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love! The song is "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall. I'd love to know what you think of it. Disclaimer: I do not own the music or video used in this music video, no copyright...

DJ Aphrodite - Twilight
Aphrodite Recordings Release APH-45a Twilight (2004) Available to buy : ITUNES SPOTIFY

Aphrodite - Ready or Not
uploaded in HD at

G*59 Records

DJ Aphrodite - 'Calling The Bass' - 3 Decks Mix - May 2015
All rights belong to Aphrodite! Visit his channel: DJ Aphrodite - 'Calling The Bass' - 3 Decks Mix - May 2015. Enjoy! :-) Check my channel for many more...

Aphrodite song
Song sang by Devaa Haley.

Aphrodite Ready or Not

DJ Aphrodite - King Of The Beats (2015)
Aphrodite Recordings The original Amazon II release with new pumped up beats. This 2015 Mixdown allows the classic tune to have full energy amongst today's Drum & Bass for Digital DJs. Release...

Aphrodite - Stive Morgan

Crimson House Blues - Aphrodite
Album: Red Shack Rock Don on Facebook: Don on Tumblr: Don on G+:

Aphrodite - Informer (Jungle Remix) + Download
Get it at:

Jungle Brothers - True Blue (Aphrodite Remix)

비아이지 (B.I.G) - 아프로디테 (APHRODITE) MV
비아이지 (B.I.G) - 아프로디테 (APHRODITE) 1. BIG TRANSFORMER (Lyrics by MARCO / Composed by MARCO / Arranged by MARCO) B.I.G 첫 미니앨범의 서막을 장식하는 "BIG TRANSFORMER"...

Merlyn Uusküla - Aphrodite (Official)
Merlyn Uusküla - Aphrodite / 2014 [email protected]

Aphrodite - Dub Moods ( aka The Greatest Trick..)
Aphrodite Recordings Release APH25 (1997) DJ Aphrodite - Dub Moods. Released in 1997. Available to buy : ITUNES SPOTIFY https://pl...

Kylie - Aphrodite
Cantante: Kylie Minogue Album: Aphrodite Año: 2010 Copyright: EMI Letra: Can you feel me in stereo [x4] Oh Oh... This song lets you in gonna get back down and up again I got you on my...

Aphrodite - Ready Or Not (dubplate remix)
Artist : Aphrodite Title : Ready Or Not Genre : Drum and Bass Year : 2004 Original song : The Fugees - Ready Or Not.

Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite Les Folies Tour 2011 - Full Live 1080p
This is the complete one, 2 hours.

Aphrodite Vs General Levy- Stalker/Jungle Is Massive (Remix)
Banging Jungle tunes right here mixed together. Stalker By Aphrodite Jungle Is Massive By General Levy Any one of these tunes would be perfect in a Jungle rave. Both Old School Bangers. Cant...

DJ Aphrodite Mix - Drum And Bass Style !
Aphrodite Recordings. DJ and Studio Mix created December 2016 and uploaded over Christmas and New Year 2017. This Mix Can Be Downloaded Here :

DJ Aphrodite - Stalker (Original Mix)
Aphrodite Recordings Release APH-29 (1999) B-Side : Stalker The Original mix of Stalker featured as the B-Side of this 12". A VIP version was made for the Movie 'Human Traffic' and the record...

《Special Stage》 APHRODITE (아프로디테) - Chandelier @인기가요 Inkigayo 20160814
SBS Inkigayo(인기가요) is a Korean music program broadcast by SBS. The show features some of the hottest and popular artists' performance every Sunday, 3:40pm. The winner is to be announced... | | you are the reason chris shalom | | hillsong united album | sam feldt | | | | | | jeth infinite | you are the reason gospel | hillsong united | hillsong united | " ENOIS SCROGGINS " Uncle remus mp3 | | | | | | | | | | | | sam feldt | |