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AnúnaArtist info Irish choral music has little history before the latter part of the twentieth century. This is somewhat understandable for a country often subjugated, but with such a strong indigenous musical identity of its own. In 1987 Dublin composer Michael McGlynn founded ANÚNA, Ireland's National Choir. Much of the group's repertoire explores the relationship between traditional choral ideas in combination with the musical heritage of McGlynn's native land... Read more

ANÚNA : Fill, Fill a Rún
Soloist Éabha McMahon - from the album Revelation, arrangement by Michael McGlynn - recorded in Saint Bartholomew's Church, Dublin. Sheet music available from

ANÚNA : Why Should I Sleep (Michael McGlynn)
Michael McGlynn's setting of W.B. Yeats text "Why Should I Sleep". From the album "Selected 1987 - 2017" Sheet Music

Anúna : Fionnghuala, featuring John McGlynn, arr. Michael McGlynn
Anúna performing `Fionnghuala`, Solo John McGlynn. Arranged by Michael McGlynn. Available as Sheet Music in Mixed Voice, Male Voice and High Voice versions from

ANÚNA : Illumination (Music Michael McGlynn)
Music by Michael McGlynn (sheet music from Solo Andrea Delaney. From the tombstone of James Galwey d. 1627, St Multose Cathedral, Kinsale, Ireland Quisquis eris qui...

ANÚNA : Gaudete (2017) arr. Michael McGlynn
Solo by Sam Kreidenweis Traditional, arranged Michael McGlynn From "ANÚNA : A Christmas Selection", released 2017.

ANÚNA : "Siúil a Rúin" (Walk My Love) feat. Lucy Champion
Purchase from iTunes here Track from the album "Invocation" featuring the voice of Lucy Champion. From the DVD "Invocations of Ireland"...

ANÚNA : Look Away (Michael McGlynn)
An ancient Irish text takes us on a journey across the landscape of Ireland. Filmed by Nejc Rudel and Michael McGlynn. "Cold wind, beautiful music - Look Away..."

ANÚNA : Greensleeves/Scarborough Fair, Feat. Linda Lampenius, arr. Michael McGlynn
Purchase these two songs separately from iTunes at or this live version from "Celtic Origins" at

Clannad with ANÚNA-Theme From Harry's Game
Recorded live at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin in 2011.

ANÚNA : Christmas in The Netherlands 2017

ANÚNA : The White Rose (Michael McGlynn)
"The White Rose", a gentle evocation of lost love written by Michael McGlynn, is the opening track of our new limited edition EP "Sunshine | Shadows" , released on Swallow Song Records, June...

ANÚNA : "Gaudete" arr. Michael McGlynn
ANÚNA perform Michael McGlynn's arrangement of "Gaudete". Available as sheet music from

ANÚNA : Na Coille Cumhra (The Fragrant Wood) - written by Michael McGlynn
Soloist Dónal Kearney, text traditional Irish, music by Michael McGlynn. From "Anúna Selected II 1987 - 2017". Released November 2017. A chumainn is a shearc, rachaimid-ne seal faoi choillte...

Anúna - "The Heart's Cry" (Riverdance, 1995)
Audio copyright falsely claimed by the "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" (scam entity) in order to steal advertising revenue from the associated adverts *** *** Video courtesy...

Anúna : Cúnnla (Michael McGlynn)
An Irish ghost story... text Traditional Irish - Music by Michael McGlynn sheet music from "Cé hé siúd thíos atá 'leagan na gclaíocha?" "Mise mé féin" a deir...

ANÚNA : Island (Michael McGlynn)
From the ANÚNA album "Deep Dead Blue" written by Michael McGlynn. Text by McGlynn/St. Columbanus. Music and solo vocal by Michael McGlynn. Filmed with a Lumix F2, F4 and F5. On an island...

Anúna : Ríu Ríu, arr. M.McGlynn feat. Rory Musgrave
Sheet music from Anúna perform this beautiful Spanish Carol from the 16th century. arranged by Michael McGlynn. Soloist Rory Musgrave. From "Anúna : Celtic...

Anúna : The Rising of the Sun

ANÚNA : The Coventry Carol (arr. Michael McGlynn)
Sheet Music from Soloists Rachel Thompson, Lucy Champion & Miriam Blennerhassett. Recorded live at Saint Bartholomew's Church, Dublin December 2015.

Anúna : Dúlamán - written by Michael McGlynn
Purchase the album version of this track from iTunes at or this live version from "Celtic Origins" at

ANÚNA : Media Vita (2017) arr. Michael McGlynn
ANÚNA - 1987/2017 - 30 years Filmed on a stormy, dark December night this is Michael McGlynn's arrangement of Media Vita, soloist Samuel Kreidenweis. Filmed at Saint Bartholomew's Church...

ANÚNA : One Last Song (Michael McGlynn)
From the album "Revelation". Words and Music Michael McGlynn. Sheet Music from

Anúna - "Cloudsong" (Riverdance, 1995)
Audio copyright falsely claimed by the "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" (scam entity) in order to steal advertising revenue from the associated adverts *** From the original...

ANÚNA : "Hinbarra" by Michael McGlynn
Purchase from iTunes here From the album "Invocation" this track depicts the lives of the fishermen who lived on the West Coast of Ireland....

ANÚNA (アヌーナ) : Mononoke Hime もののけ姫 feat. Sara Di Bella
もののけ姫 Mononoke Hime, main theme. From the album "Revelation" by Anúna アヌーナ「レヴェレーション」日本盤サイト Written...

ANÚNA : Summer Song (by Michael McGlynn)
"Summer Song", text and music by Michael McGlynn - featuring Lynn Hilary. Available as sheet music from track only available as part of the digital download...

Anúna : The Wild Song
Sheet Music from Written by Michael McGlynn, with solos by Lynn Hilary, Sarah O'Kennedy and Michael McGlynn. Originally commissioned by the Finnish vocal sextet RAJATON....

ANÚNA : Fáilte don Éan (music Michael McGlynn)
Soloist Cait Frizzell Text Séamus Dall Mac Cuarta From the album ANÚNA "Revelation" Available on Spotify and iTunes sheet music

ANÚNA : Pie Jesu (Michael McGlynn)
Live from Saint Bartholomew's Church, Dublin. Anúna in performance singing Michael McGlynn's "Pie Jesu" Sheet Music from Filmed by Brad Ballew (with Nejc Rudel and...

Anúna : "An Oíche" (The Night) by Michael McGlynn
Text traditional Irish, music written by Michael McGlynn. Sheet music available for High Voices and Mixed Voice choir from Do you remember that night when you were...

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