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AnugamaArtist info By bringing together the traditional instrumentation of exotic countries with a new age-style sense of self-exploration and a broad palette of electronic ambient sounds, producer/multi-instrumentalist Anugama garnered enough of a small cult following to sustain a prolific, long-winded career.Though born in Cologne, Germany, where he first developed his exceptional interest in music, Anugama's curiosity took him to far and distant lands. He spent his teens in Hamburg, where he played drums and worked in a music store, before traveling to Asia in his twenties for a life-changing five-year period. While in Asia, he developed a strong interest in spiritual philosophies and meditation... Read more

Shamanic Dream by Anugama - Demo 95 kbps Audio
Shamanic Dream by Anugama, GooglePlay

"Eternal Traveler" by Anugama - Album "The Lightness of Being"
Eternal Traveler by Anugama - Demo 95 kbps Audio - NEW VERSION, GooglePlay https://pla...

Magic Flow by Anugama - Shamanic Dream 2
Magic Flow by Anugama - Demo 95 kbps Audio, iTunes GooglePlay

Chakra Journey by Anugama - Demo 95 kbps Audio
Chakra Journey by Anugama, GooglePlay

Anugama Shamanic Dream ... Relaxation and Meditation Music
Anugama and Open Sky Music, LLC own the rights for this music Permission has been granted by the rights owners for the use of this wonderful music. If you are interested...

Kamal Ft Deuter & Anugama ~ Magic Flow

Anugama - Morning Glory ♥
Anugama Morning Glory

Anugama & Sebastiano - African Journey

Anugama Serenity
Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Anugama Serenity · Spa Tribe Spa Music Utopia - Serenity Songs for Relaxation with Tibetan Singing Bowls ℗ 2017 Chilling Music International...

Dream Seed - Sound of Light (Full Album) - A Shamanic Sound Journey
Shamanic chanting, mantras, overtone singing, Native American songs, indigenous music, didgeridoos, crystal singing bowls, bells, gongs, harmoniums, tuning forks and other overtone-emitting...

Deuter, Kamal & Anugama - Blessing (Deuter)
Слушайте и смотрите красивую музыку.

Anugama - Chakra/Journey

Anugama Healing Earth
Musica Sanación.

Mystical Trance by Anugama - Demo 95 kbps Audio
Mystical Trance by Anugama, GooglePlay

Anugama Serenity
Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Anugama Serenity · Peter Pure 40 Pure Nature Sounds - Soothing Rain, Waterfall & Sea Music with Natural Background ℗ 2017 Chilling Music...

Shamanic Dream 2 Magic Flow , by Anugama. Duel Lava Lights.🎧
This is such a beautiful and relaxing CD. It can be purchased on Amazon. Enjoy this video and let your stress fade away. The red Lava Light is 43 years old and still going strong. The white...

Madonna . Devil Pray . Anugama Reiki Rmx

a jungle of joy
Red Fox(w/m) RECOVERY DISK №4/6 2011/5/21.

Anugama & Sebastiano -- African Journey (1987) cut version
Album Exotic Dance "1987"

Anugama - Shamanic Dream

Baraka - Inkuyo, D.C.D seraphim, Anugama & Sebastiano

Karunesh of Anugama - Tribal Music
Absolutely beautiful.

Anugama Aquarius
Musica Sanación.

Anugama & Sebastiano - Dancing Tribe
From Anugama & Sebastiano - Exotic Dance (1985) --

Shamans Dream - Prana Pulse (2012)
Prana Pulse - Music for Yoga, Love and Ecstatic Dance is the latest Shamans Dream project produced by Craig Kohland and Evan Marc (Bluetech) Prana Pulse is an intentional musical movement...

I Want My Anugama -- Allen Ginsberg Mystical Trance
Dedicated to the memory of my dear mother Who this month departed this life: Dying and grief are the themes of this video collage. They are seen through the facets of the scintillating reality...

Anugama & Sebastiano -- Dancing Tribe (1987)
Album Exotic Dance "1987"

Anugama - Mystical Trance

Andre Fly - Inspiring Dance Music #076 EUPHORIC RELAXATION vol.7of10 (14.08.17)
Музыка, которая погрузит вас в мечты, спокойствие и умиротворение... Эйфорическая релаксация на 1 час от...

Baraka - African journey
Fan video of "African Journey" by Anugama & Sebastiano. Created using Video Star: | | | | | | | | | mixtape qgom 2018 | Adje | 連名帶姓 | | BANDA TORPEDO - tudo por amor - ÁUDIO OFICIAL 2017 | | | | | | | Morrissey tilburg 2015 | | Petit biscuit | | | Petit biscuit | | | |