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AntiqueArtist info Greek-Swedish duo Antique were Έλενα Παπαρίζου (Helena Paparizou) and Νίκος Παναγιωτίδης (Nikos Panagiotidis). They were born in Göteborg, Sweden but they follow their greek roots. The music of the duo is a blend of europop, club and Greek folk music. Their career started in 1999, when Antique released their first album "Opa - Opa" in Sweden... Read more

Antique-Dinata Dinata 1999
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antique-satu bintang.flv

Antique - Se Thelo
Album:Mera Me Ti Mera.

Antique - Selamat tinggal (Music Factory Indonesia, 2008)
P.H. : take3 Production - Director : Patrick Effendy - DOP : Roni Arnold - Producer : Anton Fernandez - Maint Talents : Herjunot Ali, Nadia Saphira (Release : 29 May 2008)

Antique - Opa Opa
Antique - Opa Opa(2nd Edition)

Antique - Why? (lyrics)

Antique - Dinata Dinata (Official Video) 1999
Antique — греческий поп-дуэт, существовавший в 1999—2003 годах. Идея создать поп-группу, творчество которой совмещ...

Antique- Kenuria Agapi
antique greek music.

Antique - Ela Do
Album:Mera Me Ti Mera.

ANTIQUE Bisikanlah
Lagu Bisikanlah dari band Antique yang sekarang berubah nama menjadi Antik. Lagu ini berasal dari album bertajuk "Satu Bintang" tahun 2008 di bawah Label "Music Factory Indonesia.

Antique - Mera Me Ti Mera
Album:Mera Me Ti Mera.

Antique - Άλλη μια φορά (2002)
Antique - Άλλη μια φορά Στίχοι:Τάκης Δαμάσχης Μουσική:Τάκης Δαμάσχης Από το LP/CD ''ΆΛΛΗ ΜΙΑ ΦΟΡΑ'' που κυκλοφόρησε...

Antique - Follow Me

Antique - Bima Bima
Album:Me Logia Ellinika.

Antique - Moro Mou (Greek Version)
Helena Paparizou singing the Greek version of this song. Lyrics: Espases tin amina mou kai den antistexomai ston isto sou exo mperdeftei San trelei xtipaei i kardia mou Kai olo esena...

Antique - (I Would) Die For You (E.S.C. 2001 BBC Broadcast)
antique helena paparizou and nikos panagiotidis and i would die for you eurovision 2001 performance within the intro video for greece representance taking the 3rd place in kopenchagen denmark...

Antique - Pes Mou
Album:Alli Mia Fora.

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Antique - Follow Me (Official Video) 2002
После очень успешного выпуска дебютного сингла «Opa-Opa» (получившего впоследствии статус «золотого») группа...

Antique - Kalimera
Album:Die For You Τα βλεφαράκια σου χαμήλωσες Μες στα ματάκια σου με κλείδωσες γλυκά Με μια ματιά σου πάλι μου 'δειξ...

Antique - Kardia Mou
Album:Alli Mia Fora.

Antique - Mix Of Hits
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Antique - Agapi Einai Zali
Album:Die For You.

Antique - Ti Sou Dosa, Ti Mou Doses
Album:Alli Mia Fora.

Antique - Ligo Ligo
Album:Die For You.

Antique - (I Would) Die For You (Greek Version)
Album:Die For You.

Antique - Dinata Dinata (1999)

Antique - Follow Me
Album:Die For You.

Antique - Moro Mou
Album:Alli Mia Fora.

Biz - Antique
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