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Anja GarbarekArtist info Anja Garbarek (born July 24, 1970) is a Norwegian singer-songwriter, daughter of the well known tenor/soprano jazz saxophonist, Jan Garbarek.In 2001 she received the award Spellemannsprisen in the open class category for her album Smiling & Waving, which featured a duet with Robert Wyatt.Garbarek also collaborated with the Norwegian black metal band Satyricon on their album Volcano.In 2006 she provided the majority of the soundtrack for Angel-A and then released an album under her own name: Briefly Shaking... Read more

Anja Garbarek - The Last Trick
From Anja Garbareks's album "Briefly Shaking".

Anja Garbarek - The Will to Walk
The new single from Anja Garbarek, The Will to Walk. ℗ 2018 Drabant Music.

Anja Garbarek @ Øyafestivalen 2007 - Full Concert
Anja Garbarek @ Øyafestivalen 2007 00:00 - Dizzy With Wonder 03:50 - Shock Activities 07:50 - Picking Up Pieces 12:30 - Beyond My Control 18:20 - I.C.U 23:40 - The Last Trick 28:32 - Strange...

Anja Garbarek - Can I Keep Him

Anja Garbarek - Still Guarding Space
Utwór pochodzi z płyty "Briefly Shaking" Hums of conversation Lip goes One leg crossed Driven back into this corner Is it the same when I leave As when I come On a higher or lower...

"ICU" by Anja Garbarek
Full length ICU video in HD quality. Directed by John Bland.

Anja Garbarek - Balloon Mood.

Anja Garbarek - André face au miroir (Extrait de la musique du film "Angel-A")
Abonnez-vous à CineMusic → ⇓ Téléchargez la BO sur iTunes → ♫ Ecoutez la Bande Originale complète...

Anja Garbarek - The Last Trick (Nouvelle Vague Late Night Tales)
Available to buy now on iTunes: Late Night Tales Webshop: Listen on Spotify: You are entering the Twilight...

Anja Garbarek - Dizzy With Wonder
from the album 'Briefly Shaking' by Anja Garbarek.

Anja Garbarek - Beyond my control

"Balloon Mood" by Anja Garbarek
Directed by Fraser Kent.

-Still Guarding Space- Lyrics (Anja Garbarek)
Still Guarding Space- Anja Garbarek Voici mon premier lyrics^^

Anja Garbarek - No Trace of Grey (Angel-A Movie) with Lyrics
Lyrics: I decided to stop I decided to look out What are they doing in heaven today? What are they doing? There's no trace of grey That kind of blue Can make dreams come true It is amazing...

Anja Garbarek - Er det flere her?
Anja Garbarek at some norwegian charity event at Oslo Spectrum in 1992.

Anja Garbarek - I won't hurt you

Anja Garbarek - Can I Keep Him?

"Beyond My Control" by Anja Garbarek
Directed by John Bland This is the 'full length' video. That is to say the full length of video that was made. It was never intended for general release, purely as a sampler and is thus only...

Anja Garbarek Vingene Mine
Anja Garbarek Vingene Mine.

Anja Garbarek - The Cabinet
Anja Garbareks' wonderfully evocative The Cabinet, from one of my favorite concept albums ever made, Balloon Mood. 1996 baby. This is why albums were great, and why it's so sad that they're...

Anja Garbarek - This Momentous Day
On this momentous day Curious seduction The most striking thing Changes colour and its shape Hissing words of no safety any more On this momentous day Already in position So delicate...

Anja Garbarek.Sleep.

"I Won't Hurt You" - Anja Garbarek
Anja Garbarek performs "I Won't Hurt You" Live at Rockefella in Oslo, 13/10/06.

Anja Garbarek - Big Mouth [HQ]
Anja Garbarek's "Big Mouth" from the album Smiling & Waving. I have decided to upload this song after looking for it on YouTube but never finding the album version in a decent quality. Here...

Anja Garbarek - Word Is Out
Anja Garbarek.

ANJA GARBAREK beyond my control
It happens that someone knocks at my door Then the whole house starts to shake So that it gets really hard to stand up And even worse to walk I usually fall down On the floor And i stay there...

Anja Garbarek - Spin the Context
2001, "Smiling & Waving"

No Trace Of Grey - Anja Garbarek
I DO NOT CLAIM THE RIGHTS TO THIS MATERIAL Title: No Trace Of Grey Artist: Anja Garbarek Album: Angel-A.

Anja Garbarek - The Last Trick

Anja Garbarek-The Gown
Robby make me a gown! So that i can go back So that that i can go Into the garden With cuddly tiger And do all things And do all things And do all things And do all things Robby make me a...

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