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Andreas VollenweiderArtist info Andreas Vollenweider (b. October 4, 1953) is a multi-instrumentalist from Switzerland who specialises in the harp.His music, very dynamic and colorful, has been categorized as World Music, Jazz, New Age or even Classical; two of his albums were number 1 on the Billboard charts simultaneously in the categories Classical, Jazz, Pop and Crossover for many weeks. His primary instrument is an electrically modified harp of his own design, but he also plays a wide variety of instruments from around the world, including the Chinese guzheng... Read more

Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica (Vinyl rip)
Thanks to Hans Stok 00:00 Caverna Magica 3:54 03:54 Mandragora 3:10 07:04 Lunar Pond 2:10 09:14 Schajah Saretosh 3:15 12:29 Sena Stanjena 2:41 15:10 ...

Andreas Vollenweider Mix of Favorites by Me
All songs blended! NOTE: All or any monetizing goes to artist or publisher. I do not own the rights. This is only a promotional tool for the music of this artist.

Andreas Vollenweider - White Winds - Side A (Vinyl)
vinyl rip.

Andreas Vollenweider - Behind the Gardens - Behind the Wall
Andreas Vollenweider - Behind the Gardens - Behind the Wall Tracks on the original 1981 vinyl (pre-CD era) release: 1. Behind the Gardens-Behind the ...

Andreas Vollenweider - Cosmopoly (Full album)
No copyright infringement intended. Enjoy!

Andreas Vollenweider. Down to the Moon (Live in Tokyo, 1987)
Андреас Фолленвейдер - композитор и арфист из Швейцарии.

Andreas Vollenweider - Dancing with the lion (Full album)
No coypright infringement intended. Enjoy!

Andreas Vollenweider Ascent From The Circle
Made By Lazaros945

Andreas Vollenweider - Pyramid In the Woods In the Bright Light
Andreas Vollenweider - Behind The Gardens 1984.

Andreas Vollenweider behind the garden
Slideshow Ciudad de Zacatecas Mexico old architecture Andreas Vollenweider photo art behind the garden.

MECA PD CHANNEL....I do not own the rights to this song, nor do I use it for my own personal gain. I post it to promote the song.

Great Swiss musician, who gives us the magical melodies that make us dream and transport us to a better world.

Andreas Vollenweider. The Magical Journey
Фильм об Андреасе Волленвейдере, с русским переводом.

In Vienna (Live) (1990)
RARE RECORDING (part 4) Andreas Vollenweider live in Vienna (Orpheum, Austria). 00:00 - First Piece 04:30 - Cheng solo 07:49 - Pearls & Tears 12:04 - The ...

Andreas Vollenweider Live: A Journey To "Liveland"
A mix of concerts with Andreas Vollenweider and friends from 1981-2004, included Micro-Macro, Down To The Moon, Dancing With The Leon and many more ...

Andreas Vollenweider - Stella
Andreas Vollenweider (Zurigo, 4 ottobre 1953) è un arpista svizzero. Viene spesso identificato come musicista new age ma la sue opere comprendono molti ...

Hirzel - Andreas Vollenweider
Water has a very important message for us. Water is telling us to take a much deeper look at our selves. When we do look at our selves through the mirror of ...

Andreas Vollenweider - Eolian Minstrel (full album)
Cassette 1993, DD-Stereo.

Andreas Vollenweider: The Woman and the Stone / Morgana Palace

(1986) Andreas Vollenweider - Down To The Moon [Cassette Rip]

ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER 00 Loreley Konzert (Live) (1982)
Musik: Andreas Vollenweider (*1953) Datum: 29. Aug 1982 Ort: St. Goarshausen, Loreley Open Air (Germany) Musiker: Pedro Haldemann (perc) | Walter Keiser ...

Andreas Vollenweider - Down to the Moon & Moon Dance

Andreas Vollenweider - Steam Forest
Andreas Vollenweider Song:Steam Forest Track:3 / 12 Album:Down To The Moon Genre: New Age - Instrumental - Relaxation - Spiritual Year:1986.

Dancing With The Lion (Live) (1989)
RARE RECORDING (part 1) Music: Andreas Vollenweider (*1953) Date: 7. Sept. 1989 Location: ZDF Talk Show (Germany) Musicians: Thomas Fessler (g) ...

Pyramid (Live) (1982)
RARE RECORDING (part 3) Music: Andreas Vollenweider (*1953) Date: 29. Aug 1982 Location: St. Goarshausen, Loreley Open Air (Germany) Musicians: ...

Andreas Vollenweider - night fire dance (1994)

Andreas Vollenweider Airdance (VideoClip)
"Airdance" is the video clip for the opening song of Andreas Vollenweiders newest album "AIR", release end of February 2009. For more visit ...

The five sisters - Andreas Vollenweider
'The five sisters' from the album 'Eolian minstrel'. No copyright infringement intended.

Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica
from album ' Caverna Magica : Under The Tree - In The Cave ' which is the sequel of his album ' Behind The Gardens - Behind The Wall - Under The Tree ' I do ...

Andreas Vollenweider -- Night Fire Dance
Enjoy my video and music..from Andreas Vollenweider.

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