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AmiraliArtist info Amirali Shahrestani’s journey has taken him from living in Iran to Toronto to London where he now resides, via an architecture degree. Growing up in the city of Tehran, and starting piano lessons from the age of 5, Amirali’s main musical influence was his father’s record collection, which opened his eyes to classical, jazz, blues and rock'n'roll. At the age of 16 Amirali’s family immigrated to Toronto in the hope of a better future. Amirali’s musical prowess wasn’t picked up on until he transferred his architecture university studies to London in 2010... Read more

Amirali - Against The Clock
A Balearic sunset soundtrack in 10 minutes. Iran-born producer Amirali started attracting attention back in 2012 with his lush, club-rooted soundscapes back in ...

Amirali - BBC Radio One Essential Mix Live | 23.02.13
iTunes: Beatport: ...

Amirali & Fur Coat (Crosstown Rebels) dubby techno set in The Lab LDN
Deep dubby house techno and electronica. Check more Labs here: TRACKLIST 1/ Luca Lozano Feat. Amirali - Sail On ...

Amir Ali - Vaye Man (2018) امیر علی - وای من
"Amir Ali - Vaye Man"

Amir Ali - Dargiram Kardi (2018) امیرعلی - درگیرم کردی
"Amir Ali - Dargiram Kardi"

Amirali - Story Of Us (Original Mix)
Label: Crosstown Rebels ( Release Date - 2012-05-14 Album "In Time" on: ...

Amirali - Just An Illusion (CROSSTOWN REBELS / CRM097 A1) OFFICIAL
Having just released Amirali's slick, diverse and immaculately produced debut album 'In Time', Crosstown Rebels presents the single 'Just An Illusion' First part ...

Amirali - Beautiful World (Original Mix)
Amirali - Beautiful World (Original Mix) Release -2012-02-13 BPM -122 Genre -Deep House Label - Crosstown Rebels ...

Amirali - Chromatic Dreams
Amirali: Adhock ...

Amir Ali - Akharin Dafee [ NEW 2014 ]
ahange jadido ghashange "Amir Ali - Akharin Dafeh"

Amir Ali - Ina Khaabe (2018) امیرعلی - اینا خوابه
"Amir Ali - Ina Khabe"

IAPtube Amir Ali -- Bas Kon امیر علی : بس کن
IAPtube - I am Persian من ایرانی هستم.

Amirali -Chromatic Dreams /DARK MATTERS DM004/

Amir Ali - Eshgh Yani To (2018) امیرعلی - عشق یعنی تو
"Amir Ali -Eshgh Yani To"

Amirali - The Harmonious Song (Original Mix)

Amirali Azimi - Dard
آهنگ های جدید را از طریق این کانال تلگرام گوش کنید Amirali Azimi - Dard جدیدترین آهنگ های اسفند 96.

Amirali - The sounds of my life
Amirali - The sounds of my life, In Time EP, Label: Crosstown Rebels, Release Date: 14-05-2012 Buy it: ...

Amirali - Esseintial Mix Live 2013-02-23
Tracklist: [00:00] 01. Amirali -- Intro [02:18] 02. Amirali -- Lost [07:23] 03. Amirali -- Falling Down [13:37] 04. Amirali -- Hear Me [18:34] 05. Amirali -- No Strings ...

Amir Ali - Mano Che Be (2018) امیرعلی - منو چه به
"Amir Ali -Mano Che Be"

AMIRALI falling down

Amirali ft Meraj آهنگ جدید افغانی

Amir Ali - Be Ki Begam (2018) امیرعلی - به کی بگم
"Amir Ali- Be Ki Begam"

Amir Ali - Chatre Tanha (2018) امیر علی - چتر تنها
"Amir Ali - Chatre Tanha"

Fur Coat feat. Cari Golden - You And I (Amirali Remix)
Label: Crosstown Rebels ( Catalogue: CRM092 Released: March 5th, 2012 Buy This Track: ...

Amirali - Just An Illusion (MK Remix)
Label: Crosstown Rebels ( Album "Just An Illusion" available on: ...

Amirali - Khat o neshoon
بس کن می دونم که تو عاشق دعوا و خط و نشونی پیشت نمیام میدونم اگه نباشم تنها میمونی نگو دعوا...که دلیل جدایی...

Amirali - Melancholia
Due for release: Vinyl Release - 1st April Digital Release - 15th April ...

Amir Ali - In Rasmesh Nabood (2018) امیر علی - این رسمش نبود
"Amir Ali- In Rasmesh Nabood"

Amir Ali - Dige Boridam [ HQ 2012 ]
Ahange zibaye asheghane az Amir Ali be nameh " Dige Boridam" Amir Ali - Dige Boridam [ HQ 2012 ] Video bY: Amir Karimi.

Amirali - My Way (Original Mix)

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