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Aly & AJArtist info Aly & AJ (once known as 78violet) are an American pop duo consisting of sisters Alyson Renae "Aly" Michalka and Amanda Joy "AJ" Michalka. They were born in Torrance, California. They are both actresses, singer-songwriters, guitarists and pianists. The duo's debut album Into The Rush was released in 2005 and charted at #36 in the US... Read more

Aly & AJ - Take Me
Directed by Alex Ross Perry Produced by Stephen Ringer DP: Sean Price Williams Editor: Stephen Gurewitz 1st AC: Peter Lee and Tim Clarke 2nd AC: Tim Clarke and Andrew Kennedy-Derkay Gaffer:...

Aly & AJ - Potential Breakup Song
Music video by Aly & AJ performing Potential Breakup Song.

Aly & AJ - I Know (Official Audio)
From the EP 'Ten Years' available everywhere!

Aly & AJ - Like Whoa
Music video by Aly & AJ performing Like Whoa.

Aly & AJ - Take Me (Official Audio)
From the ep 'Ten Years' available everywhere!

Aly & AJ - Promises (Official Audio)
From the EP 'Ten Years' available everywhere!

Aly & AJ Revisit Potential Breakup Song
In collaboration with Refinery29 and UGG, Aly & AJ attempt to recreate the music video for their hit song "Potential Breakup Song" Read more:

Aly & AJ - Potential Break Up Song
Music video by Aly & AJ performing Potential Breakup Song.

Aly & AJ - Rush
Music video by Aly & AJ performing Rush. (C) 2006 Hollywood Records, Inc.

Aly & AJ - Chemicals React
Music video by Aly & Aj performing Chemicals React.

78Violet - Hothouse
Download "Hothouse" now on iTunes - Download "Hothouse" music video on iTunes -

Aly & A.J.-Walking On Sunshine
This is the music video for Walking on Sunshine. ~ENJOY!~

Aly And Aj - On The Ride [Lyrics]
Lyrics... We don't have to try To think the same thoughts We just have a way Of knowing everything's gonna be ok We laugh till we cry Read each other's minds Live with a smile Make...

Aly & AJ - The Distance (Official Audio)
From the EP 'Ten Years' available everywhere!

Take Me-Aly & AJ at Mama Lion LA
Aly & AJ performing Take Me from their new EP Ten Years at Mama Lion in LA 11.29.17! They did amazing :) Photos!: Ten Years:

Aly And AJ - No One
No One is the second single from Aly & AJ. This song is about remembering that there is only one you and that you need to accept yourself the way you are. The No One music video includes pictures...

Aly AJ - Potential Breakup Song - Official Video (HQ)
Aly-Aj song: potential breakup song.

Aly & AJ - Do You Believe In Magic (Best Quality)
Official music video for "Do You Believe in Magic" by Aly & AJ. Watch in high quality!

Aly & AJ- Jingle Bell Rock(FULL)
Please stop posting chain letters! - One of Aly and AJ's cover, Jingle Bell Rock from their Christmas album, Acoustic Hearts of Winter! Enjoy! Happy Holidays! And Merry Christmas!...

Aly & AJ - On the Ride
Aly and Aj's song on the ride from the movie Cowbelles :)

Aly & AJ In the Studio
On Aly's birthday, Aly & AJ work in the studio on vocals for "The Distance"

Aly & AJ. - Walking On Sunshine
The real video of Aly & AJ's "Walking On Sunshine" from the Herbie: Fully Loaded soundtrack.

Aly & AJ - Chemicals React | 8 SISTER COLLAB
This was so much fun and SO COOL to make!!!! We have been huge Aly & AJ fans since we were kids, we never in a million years thought we would get to collaborate with them, especially on one...

Aly & AJ - Behind the Scenes in Joshua Tree
New single "Take Me" available on August 18th! Listen to our music on Spotify and follow us

Aly & AJ - No One {lyrics}
Aly & AJ - No One {lyrics}

Aly & A.J Do You believe in magic
Do you believe in magic - Aly & A.j.

Aly & AJ My Super Sweet 16 - Sister Act Part 1
FOR MORE VIDEOS: Aly & AJ My super sweet 16 - Part 1 PART 2 WANNA SE PART 3 AND 4? CLICK HERE

Aly & AJ - "Greatest Time of Year" Official Music Video
This is Aly & AJ's "Greatest Time of Year" music video.

Aly & AJ - I Know (created by Aleia)
Created by Aleia Follow Aly & AJ

Aly & AJ - Greatest Time of Year [Christmas Exclusive]
(C) (2006) Hollywood Records (EMI)

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