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Alma CoganArtist info Alma Cogan was Britain's most successful female recording artist of the 1950's. Born in London in 1932, her early recordings were mainly ballads, in the style of Anne Shelton. But by 1954, this was to all change. Her first major hit was "Bell Bottom Blues", and she scored her only number one in Britain with "Dreamboat" in 1956... Read more

Alma Cogan Fly Me To The Moon / Tell Him
Alma provides the musical interlude in the Arthur Haynes show, early 60's.

Alma Cogan - The Tennessee Waltz
Den här ska finnas här tycker jag. Håll till godo.

Alma Cogan - Tennessee Waltz
Alma Cogan (19 May 1932 -- 26 October 1966) was an English singer of traditional pop music in the 1950s and early 1960s. Dubbed "The Girl With the Laugh/Giggle/Chuckle In Her Voice",she was...

Alma Cogan - Tell him
I know something about love...

Alma Cogan 'Dreamboat' (1955)
Alma Cogan 'Dreamboat' Original UK Chart Information: Label: HMV Cat No: B 10872 Flipside: Irish mambo Chart Position: 1 Chart Entry: 27 May 1956 Time on Chart: 16 wks.

Alma Cogan - The Birds And The Bees
Published 1965 by Columbia Records. A cover of Jewel Akens big hit.

Alma Cogan Tennessee Waltz (German Version)
Oldie but Goldie.

Adam Faith & Alma Cogan: I Remember It Well HQ
Adam Faith sings with Alma Cogan from November 1960.

Alma Cogan - Little Things Mean A Lot ( 1954 )
Charted in Aug 1954 in the UK & peaked at # 11. This was Alma`s second UK hit single. Alma`s 14 year music career came to a sad end in 1966 when she died of cancer at the age of just 34....

Alma Cogan - Christmas cards

Alma Cogan- Hello Baby

Alma Cogan - Let There Be Love (1966)
'Alma Cogan seemed to wear life lightly. Maybe that's why her early death remains so shocking, a denial of the optimism she represented. Yet it's that optimism which has become her legacy....

Alma Cogan - When I Fall In Love
A song for the real, tender, passionate, great, one and only love in human's life...

Alma Cogan - Rock-a-bye your baby with a Dixie melody (1959)
Rock-a-bye your baby with a Dixie melody – When you croon Croon a tune From the heart of Dixie! Just hang my cradle, mammy mine Right on the Mason Dixon line And swing it from Virginia To...

Alma Cogan - Don't Read The Letter
Published 1961 by UK Columbia Records.

Alma Cogan - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door

Alma Cogan ~ I Feel Fine
Alma Cogan covering Lennon-McCartney composition 'I Feel Fine'

So fäng es immer an - Alma Cogan
Alma Cogan wurde das "Mädchen mit dem Lachen in der Stimme" genannt - das hört man auch!

Alma Cogan ::::: Ticket To Ride.
Alma Cogan (19 May 1932 -- 26 October 1966) was an English singer of traditional pop music in the 1950s and early 1960s. Dubbed "The Girl With the Laugh/Giggle/Chuckle In Her Voice", she was...

"Snakes And Snails" - Alma Cogan, 1965
The famed English songstress rocks out.

Alma Cogan - Goodbye Joe
This is a dedication to MrLions49. Please enjoy Ray!! Published 1962 by UK Columbia Records.

Alma Cogan - You Me And Us ( 1957 )
Charted Jan 1957 in the UK - peaked at # 18.

Alma Cogan - Begin The Beguine (1959)
When they begin the beguine It brings back the sound of music so tender It brings back a night of tropical splendor It brings back a memory ever green I'm with you once more under the stars...

HELEN SHAPIRO TALKING 2007 - With intro from Alma Cogan

Alma Cogan - The Story of My Life ( 1958 )
Charted in Jan 1958 in the Uk & peaked at # 25. While touring Sweden in the summer of 1966 in support of her current Swedish hit single "Hello Baby", Cogan collapsed .She was hospitalized...

Alma Cogan - Christmas Cards // Christmas Essentials
Alma Cogan - Christmas Cards // Christmas Essentials - Your Christmas treasury! Ho-Ho-How to start the season right? Switch on your favorite christmas essentials, throw another log on the...

Alma sings her single Got'N Idea in glorious Technicolour. Taken from the Eric Winstone Bandshow.

Alma Cogan - Dreamboat
The year is 1955 and Alma Cogan achieved top position in the UK Best Selling Records Chart with her HMV recording - 'Dreamboat'.

alma cogan twenty tiny fingers
an old record i used to listen to at my grandparents when i was a nipper. jolly old tune.

Alma Cogan - Hernando's hideaway

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