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Alessandro BosettiArtist info Was born in Milan, Italy in 1973. Composer, saxophonist and sound artist. Almost all his work in sound art has been based on the musicality of speech, on investigating the sonic qualities of interactions, misunderstanding, and translation. So far, he produced pieces for radio, electro-acoustic compositions, and pieces for ensemble and installations... Read more

Alessandro Bosetti - Gloriously Repeating [excerpt]
2011, Royals.

Alessandro Bosetti - Laida and Mikel Looking for Rhymes. (Basque)
Zwölfzungen (Sedimental, 2010)

Alessandro Bosetti - Alpine Flipbooks
"Alpine Flipbooks" follows several words across the many varieties of five minoritarian languages of the alpine region. Recordings have been collected on a two months eastbound trip from the...

Alessandro Bosetti playing Mask/Mirror
Video recording of on of the early stages of Mask/Mirror, a max/msp based instru ment combining language and sound. Filmed in Brighton University TV studio by LauMunLeng as part of the intermedia...

Alessandro Bosetti - Royals
Trailer for new release on MonotypeRec.

Georges Appaix - Alessandro Bosetti: J’ai attendu que l’homme à la grue soit là
de Georges Appaix et Alessandro Bosetti Alessandro Bosetti- musique Georges Appaix - chorégraphie et mise en scène AVEC: Alessandro Bosetti, Georges Appaix, Séverine Bauvais Coproduction...

Alessandro Bosetti / The Way You Do That Is
some simple instructions. 2008.

Speech Music Symposium Alessandro Bosetti Presentation

Alessandro Bosetti : A Guitar in your Mouth
From the Alessandro Bosetti's solo exhibition ATLASING , Stamp Gallery at the University of Maryland, Jan 2009.

Alessandro Bosetti / Mask Mirror
in brighton, may 2008.

Alessandro Bosetti Legno 2
Alessandro Bosetti 3rd of February Legno Milano.

melgun 4481
Italian fairy tale by alessandro bosetti.

Alessandro Bosetti - The Notebooks (Teaser)
In the archive of the Janacek memorial in Brno, lies a somehow odd treasure: a series of very tiny notebooks where composer Leoš Janáček used to annotate scraps of spoken language he would...

Bridges - Alessandro Bosetti & Chris Abrahams
A Heart That Responds From Schooling, 2015, Unsounds 50u], music by Milton Nascimento.

Chris Abrahams and Alessandro Bosetti - Eye
Created with

Alessandro Bosetti - live at Harvestworks
Alessandro Bosetti performs with Mask/Mirror (M/M), a sampler-based software tool written created using Max/MSP that processes recordings of spoken language in real time, on Monday, January...

Alessandro Bosetti - Renard
Video documentation by Claire Willemann of a Renard performance. Frac Franche-Comté Besançon, May 2013 Renard is : Alessandro Bosetti - voice Laurent Bruttin - clarinets Hilary Jeffrey...

Alessandro Bosetti: Trinitaire
performed by Maulwerker, December 2016, bka Berlin.

Ma sei sicuro ? Alessandro Bosetti / Lou Mallozzi
Live at O'Tannenbaum Berlin, June8th, 2011. Video by Indre Kilimaite.

Alessandro Bosetti : What you See is What you Bee
As you see the instrument is empty. They all went away. ( What's the point in sleeping inside your guitar when the party is going on somewhere else ?) Special thanks : Heimo Wallner, Hotel...

Alessandro Bosetti: Sicilian Mask Mirror 2013 @ Anassimandro Festival Palermo
Alessandro Bosetti: Sicilian Mask Mirror 2013 @ Anassimandro Festival Palermo. Alessandro Bosetti: Mask Mirror - voice.

Alessandro Bosetti - Relax disagree getting up
Alessandro Bosetti improvises with Maskmirror in Olivier Vadrot's Circo Minimo, Rome, Villa Medici, January 2013

Jeff Cloke & Alessandro Bosetti
Live improvisation at Lewisham Arthouse, November 2005.

Trophies (Alessandro Bosetti - Kenta Nagai - Ches Smith), Live at Roulette, Nov. 2009, Excerpts.
Alessandro Bosetti - voice, electronics, text-sound composition Kenta Nagai - fretless guitar, shamisen Ches Smith - drums Excerpts from a live concert at Roulette, NYC November 14, 2009...

POOL AND SOUP by Alessandro Bosetti at Dotolimplic, Seoul 2013

Alessandro Bosetti : ATLASING/Rayas
From the Alessandro Bosetti's solo exhibition ATLASING , Stamp Gallery at the University of Maryland, Jan 2009.

Alessandro Bosetti - Mask Mirror [email protected]
26 Novembre 2013 - Alessandro Bosetti - Mask Mirror.

닻올림 연주회 dotolim concert series_58 Alessandro Bosetti 알레산드로 보세티 + Lo Wie 로 위에
닻올림 연주회 dotolim concert series_58 // SET_01 알레산드로 보세티 Alessandro Bosetti (voice, laptop) 로 위에 Lo Wie (objects) 'dotolim concert series' is a concert series...

Alessandro Bosetti - live at ESG
Composition "It is an Island" Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Experimental Sound Gallery, 06.18.2011.

Sabato 26 Settembre 2015 Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Firenze SOUND DAY / THROUGH FIVE FINGERS Cinque performance di sound art #1 Alessandro Bosetti “Plane/Talea” #2 Daniela Cattivelli “Garrulu... | | | | | | | Giorgia Fumanti Magnificat | | | | | | | Rockstar | | | team distraction remix | | | | | | | MC fioti Bum bum tam tam vulgare remix | Mad clip 3aderfos | team battle mix | Mad clip bonus | |