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Albert AylerArtist info Albert Ayler (born July 13th, 1936 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio – New York City, November 1970) was the most primal of the free jazz musicians of the 1960s. He possessed a deep blistering tone—achieved by using the stiffest plastic reeds he could find on his tenor saxophone—and a broad, pathos-filled vibrato that came right out of church music. His trio and quartet records of 1964, like 'Spiritual Unity' and 'The Hilversum Sessions', show him advancing the improvisational notions of John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman into abstract realms where timbre, not harmony and melody, is the music's backbone. His ecstatic music of 1965 and 1966, like "Spirits Rejoice" and "Truth is Marching In" has been compared by critics to the sound of a Salvation Army brass band, and involved simple, march-like themes which alternated with wild group improvisations and took jazz back to its pre-Louis Armstrong roots... Read more

Albert Ayler - Spiritual Unity (full abum) (HD 1080p)

Albert Ayler - Summertime

Albert Ayler - Ghosts
A cornerstone piece of free jazz by the late great Albert Ayler.

Albert Ayler – Love Cry (Full Album)
Impuls Records 1968 Extended version from The Holy Ghost CD Box, 2004. Recorded: August 31, 1967 & February 13, 1968 at Capitol Studios, New York City Track List: 1 Love Cry 00:00 2 Ghosts...

Albert Ayler - The Copenhagen tapes
1 Spirits 9:41 2 Vibrations 8:14 (9:41) 3 Saints 9:09 (17:55) 4 Mothers 7:54 (27:04) 5 Children 8:39 (34:58) 6 Spirits 1:24 (43:37) 7 Introduction By Børje Roger Hensen 3:24 (45:02)...

Albert Ayler - Goin' home
1964, Goin' Home.

Albert Ayler ‎- New Grass (1969) FULL ALBUM
Impulse! – AS-9175 (US, 1969) 00:00 A1. Message From Albert - New Grass 03:55 A2. New Generation 09:05 A3. Sun Watcher 16:36...

Albert Ayler - Live in Greenwich Village: The Complete Impulse Recordings (Full Album)
00:00 Holy Ghost 07:42 Truth is Marching In 20:22 Our Prayer 25:08 Spirits Rejoice 41:30 Divine Peacemaker 54:08 Angels 1:04:03 For John Coltrane 1:17:42 Change Has Come 1:24:08 Light in Darkness...

Archie Shepp - Albert Ayler Changed My Music From The Hang: Archie Shepp, the veteran saxophonist, educator and activist discusses Albert Ayler and the impact of his music.

Albert Ayler - Thank God For Women
fab track from the holy ghost box set.

Albert Ayler - Truth Is Marching In
Donald Ayler (tp), Albert Ayler (ts), Michel Sampson (vln), Bill Folwell (b), Beaver Harris (d), Berlin jazz festival, Berlin west Germany, november 3, 1966.

Spirits Rejoice (La Marseillaise) - Albert Ayler
Genre : Free Jazz Artist : Albert Ayler Album : Spirits Rejoice Year : 1965 Line-up : Albert Ayler (saxophone) Donald Ayler (trumpet) Charles Tyler (saxophone) Henry Grimes (contrabass)...

Albert Ayler ‎- Spirits Rejoice (1965) FULL ALBUM
ESP Disk – ESP 1020 (US, 1969) Purchase reissue: 00:00 A1. Spirits Rejoice 11:40 A2....

Cecil Taylor Quartet With Albert Ayler - Four (excerpt)

Albert Ayler - Billie's Bounce
from 'My Name Is Albert Ayler', 1963.

Albert Ayler - Heavenly Home
Albert Ayler in Greenwich Village (1967) Albert Ayler - Tenor Don Ayler - Trumpet Bill Folwell - Bass Joel Friedman - Cello Henry Grimes - Bass Beaver Harris - Drums Michel Sampson - Violin...

Albert Ayler & Henry Vestine - Untitled Duet (1969)
Albert Ayler: Bagpipes Henry Vestine: Electric Guitar From Albert Ayler Last Album.

Albert Ayler - Spirits Rejoice
Spirits Rejoice (1966) Personnel: Albert Ayler (Tenor Saxophone) Charles Tyler (Alto Saxophone) Gary Peacock (Bass) Donald Ayler (Trumpet) Henry Grimes (Bass) Sunny Murray (Drums, Percussion)...

Albert Ayler + Don Cherry - Vibrations: FULL Lp (w/ video montage)
extraordinary free jazz from Albert Ayler on saxes, Don Cherry on trumpet ,Sunny Murray on drums and Gary Peacock on bass. Recorded live in Copenhagen on September 14th, 1964 raw,free,experimental....

Albert Ayler - Our Prayer
"Albert Ayler in Greenwich Village" Impulse!, 1967 Personnel: - Albert Ayler: Saxophones - Donald Ayler: Trumpet - Bill Folwell: Bass - Henry Grimes: Bass - Joel Friedman: Cello - Alan Silva:...

Albert Ayler Quintet - Truth is marching in
Donald Ayler (tp) Albert Ayler (ts) Michel Sampson (vln) Lewis Worrell (b) Ronald Shannon Jackson (d) Live at Slug's Saloon, May 1, 1966 Fruit Tree Records FT 841 Picture of Don and...

Albert Ayler - Summertime
Albert Ayler - Summertime lp version ( My Name is Albert Ayler ) Label: Jeanne Dielman JD 101 - year 2016.

"Slugs' Saloon" - Albert Ayler Quintet (Full Album)
1) Truth Is Marching In 2) Our Prayer 3) Bells 4) Ghosts 5) Initiation (Recorded 5/1/66; ESP-Disk)

Albert Ayler ‎- Bells (1965) FULL ALBUM
ESP Disk – 1010 (US, 1965) A. Bells Recorded live at Town Hall, May 1, 1965 Personnel: Albert Ayler - tenor saxophone Donald...

Albert Ayler Quartet - Love Cry, Truth Is Marching In, Our Prayer (live)
July 27, 1967, John Coltrane Funeral, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, New York City Album: Holy Ghost: Rare & Unissued Recordings (1962-70)

Albert Ayler - Spirits
The third track from Ayler's "Spiritual Unity" and "The Abbey in the Oakwood" by romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich.

Albert Ayler - Music is the Healing Force of the Universe
Emotional vocals of Ayler's business associate and girlfriend Mary Parks taken from the album of the same name, released on Impulse! (1969). Facing a life and death inner struggle beyond the...

Albert Ayler Summertime

albert ayler - masonic inborn
from Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe (1969)

Albert Ayler - Introduction By Albert Ayler (1/6)

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