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Al JolsonArtist info Asa "Al Jolson" Yoelson (born to Jewish immigrants Moshe Reuben Yoelson and Naomi Etta Cantor - the original family name was Hesselson - in Seredžius, Lithuania on May 26, 1885 or 1886, and died in San Francisco, California on October 23, 1950) was an American singer. He was one of the most popular entertainers of the first half of the 20th century.Early life and careerThe son of the Rabbi of the Talmud Torah Synagogue (now Ohev Sholom Talmud Torah) in Washington, D.C... Read more

Mammy - Al Jolson (Jazz Singer performance)
The fantastic Al Jolson performing his signature tune 'Mammy' in the finale of the 1927 film 'The Jazz Singer' and yes, it's in blackface! Great performance. Written by Joe Young/Sam M. Lewis/Walt...

Never Regret - Samoan Version - AL Jolson & Junior Magele
Written By one of my fans - Faailo Salafai Subscribe to my Channel ...Like.Comment n Share Like My FB page- Instagram -

The Anniversary Song - Al Jolson (Larry Parks - The Jolson Story) (1946)
In 1946, Saul Chaplin adapted Iosif Ivanovici's Romanian 'Waves of the Danube'; Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin wrote the lyrics.

AL Jolson V - Ana Leai Lou Alofa Mai
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Al Jolson - I'm Sitting On Top Of The World (1928, The Singing Fool)
Al Jolson, born Asa Yoelson on May 26, 1886, and his family left Russia when he was a child. The son of a cantor, he first sang in a synagogue. His first show business job was with a circus,...

Although the first musical number that 'Jolie' fully sings in "The Jolson Story" is "Ma Blushin Rosie", Jolson never recorded it in the early teens, though he most likely sang it in vaudeville....

Al Jolson----"About A Quarter To Nine"
From The 1935 Movie "Go Into Your Dance"

AL JOLSON ~ " S W A N E E " from Rhapsody in Blue" WIDESCREEN -HD 1945
Al Jolson's last film role in a cameo appearance from the George Gershwin biography, Rhapsody in Blue. This is the only known video appearance of 'Jolie' singing "Swanee". (not including the...

"Carolina in the Morning" (Al Jolson, 1947)
Al Jolson's amazing comeback following World War Two was a tribute to his enormous talent and energy--even into his '60's. His second recording of "Carolina" outsold his first (from the Twenties)...

"MY MAMMY" Al Jolson from "The Jolson Story "1946 with LARRY PARKS ~ HD STEREO
watch "Ma Blushin'Rosie" from The Jolson Story at: MY MAMMY: introduced by Al Jolson in his winter garden production "Sinbad" in 1918. He actually...

Viewers not familiar with Al Jolson might be wondering who Rudy Wissler was not to mention Scotty Beckett; both seen here in excerpts from the beginning of the award winning musical biography...

Al Jolson - My Mammy
Al Jolson (May 26, 1886 -- October 23, 1950) was a Lithuanian singer, comedian and actor. He was famous for performing black-face.

Al Jolson - Sonny Boy
Al Jolson Sonny Boy.

"THE 'REAL AL JOLSON STORY' south bank show ~ Pt. 1 of 4 ~ 1986
For Part 2 please see: The 2nd. television (edited) documentary of 'The World's Greatest Entertainer' was originally aired on Britain's South Bank...

"I LOVE TO SINGA" AL JOLSON in 'THE SINGING KID' with Cab Calloway ~ 1936
Visit GreatPerformers1 at: See the MAIN TITLE AT: The now famous 'main theme' from Jolson's...

Al Jolson - April showers

Al Jolson - Ma Blushin´ Rosie, Ma Posie Sweet
Al Jolson, Asa Yoelson (Seredzius, Lituania, 26 de mayo de 1886 - San Francisco (EE. UU.), 23 de octubre de 1950), fue un cantante, actor, guionista y director de música estadounidense de...

Blue Skies - Al Jolson
Al Jolson performing 'Blue Skies' (written by Irving Berlin) in the 1927 film 'The Jazz Singer' - credited as the first feature-length 'talkie'. This clip is the final 'sound on camera' sequence...

Watch Jolie sing "The Night Boat To Albany" at: "AL JOLSON in "MAMMY" 1930 vitaphone production...original restored technicolor Jolie's 4th talkie...

Al Jolson - Swanee (Rhapsody in Blue - 1945)
Al Jolson, born Asa Yoelson on May 26, 1886, and his family left Russia when he was a child. The son of a cantor, he first sang in a synagogue. His first show business job was with a circus,...

Al Jolson - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 1946
Al Jolson (May 28, 1886 -- October 23, 1950) was an American singer, comedian and actor. In his heyday, he was dubbed "The World's Greatest Entertainer" "By The Light of the Silvery Moon"...

Larry Parks As Al Jolson - Sonny Boy (Personally Remastered Sound and Widescreen)
Here is a wonderful scene from the classic 1949 film, "Jolson Sings Again", with the amazing Larry Parks as legendary singer, Al Jolson. I've cropped it to widescreen, and remastered the sound....

Al Jolson - Are You Lonesome Tonight

California Here I Come - Al Jolson
California Here I Come - Al Jolson.

Al Jolson - Let Me Sing And I'm Happy 1930 The Music Of Irving Berlin
Brunswick 4721 - This Song Peaked On US Billboard At #2 In 1930 (10 weeks) Al Jolson & The Louis Silvers Studio Orchestra. Song Written By Irving Berlin. Al Jolson (May 26, 1886 -- October...

Fa'amagalo Mai - AL jolson V
This Song was written by my lil Bro Afa Vetemotu Subscribe to my Channel ...Like.Comment n Share Like My FB page- Instagram - https://www.i...

Visit GreatPerformers1 for more "Jolie" at: Watch Jolie sing the whole performance at: Al Jolson's 2nd....

Old Folks at home (Way Down Upon Swanee River) - Stephen Foster 1851 - Al Jolson
From the movie Swanee River, biography of the american composer Stephen Foster, Fox production 1940. Last appearance of Al Jolson (creator of Swanee by George Gershwin) on film.

Tagi ai Le Fatu _ AL jolson V
ed sheeran perfect_Samoan Version Be Sure To Subscribe Like My FB page- Instagram - Share.Comment.Like.

When You Were Sweet Sixteen - Al Jolson
When You Were Sweet Sixteen - Al Jolson.

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