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AgathodaimonArtist info Agathodaimon is a Melodic Black Metal band from Germany - formed in 1995. They have ever since been credible for parts of the underground Gothic movement in Germany along with bands such as Ancient Ceremony and Dorn. They have a strong influence from Dark Wave piano and a finesse of superior double bass accenting, utilization of variational power chord mixtures between two guitars, Gothic-influenced female vocals and evil, ghost whispers from Sathonys. In the long run, they are a very known for their over-all band achievements and fade away from the "one-man" approach... Read more

Agathodaimon - In Darkness (FULL ALBUM)
Artist: Agathodaimon Album: In Darkness Released: 28/06/2013 Country: Germany Genre: Melodic Black/Dark Metal Record Label: Massacre Records Website: http://ww...

AGATHODAIMON - Phoenix Full Album
You can get this album here: ( Full album on Spotify ) ( cd for special price...

Agathodaimon - Tristetea Vehementa
Viata Dormiteaza Germinind Si-O Simt In Jur Universala Intr-o Nesfirsita Oboseala Si-n Absenta Ultimului Cind Iar Taina Aerului Otravit Intr-un Inceput De-nnoptare Alacelui Orizont Nemarginit...

Agathodaimon - Serpent's Embrace
Official Video Clip of Agathodaimon, title track of "Serpent's Embrace".

Agathodaimon - Ribbons - Requiem '99
Album: Higher Art of Rebellion Agathodaimon - Ribbons - Requiem '99.

AGATHODAIMON - In Darkness Full Album
You can get this album here: ( Full album on Spotify ) ( cd for special price...

Agathodaimon - Past Shadows
From Chapter III album. Lyrics: Now far I am from you, before my fire alone, And read again the hours that so silently have gone, And it seems that eighty years beneath my feet did glide,...

Agathodaimon - Favourite Sin
from the album In Darkness.

Agathodaimon - An Angel's Funeral (Unnofficial Music Video) This is the first music video that my friend Ryan (ryangaston88) made as part of his college course. It contains Myself on guitar, Ryan Gaston on vocals, Tim Vick...

Agathodaimon - Alone In The Dark
Live footage (video) taken from the Winternachtstraum Festival 2009. Song/audio taken from the "Alone In The Dark" Movie Soundtrack and our "Phoenix"-album. Except for the last few seconds ;)

Agathodaimon - Cellos For The Insatiable
Agathodaimon's "Cellos For The Insatiable" off the 2004 CD Serpent's Embrace, Nuclear Blast Records. Frank "Akaias" Nordmann - Vocals Martin "Sathonys" Wickler - Guitars, Clean Vocals Jan...

Agathodaimon - Banner Of Blasphemy (live at Wacken 1998)
Recorded live at Wacken Open Air 1998.

Agathodaimon - Banner of Blasphemy
Album: Blacken the Angel Jahr: 1998 Text: ______ Trei cruci de lemn, trei cruci enorme de lemn Vopsite cu trei culori, pzesc pe marginea soselei Fntna celor... crediciosi! ...

Agathodaimon - Serpents Embrace
Serpents Embrace by Agathodaimon Serpents Embrace 2004.

Agathodaimon - Serpent's Embrace
2004 "Serpent's Embrace" [Remastered 2008]

Agathodaimon - Dies Irae
Album: Carpe Noctem (demo)

agathodaimon - spirit soldier with (lyrics)
Esta canción es de la banda alemana de black metal, agathodaimon, tomada del álbum, chapter lll del 2001.

Agathodaimon- Glasul Artei Viitoare
Lipsa de ocupatie...

Agathodaimon - Near Dark (Subtitulado En Español)

Agathodaimon - Departure (lyrics)
This is a song from the German band Agathodaimon, from their Chaper III album (2001)

Agathodaimon ft Луд Кольо Adio
fan video.

Agathodaimon - Alone In The Dark [MIX]
Mixing 2005 movie version with 2009 band one came out as a interesting result :) Music belongs to Agathodaimon band and Alone in the Dark franchise, I only own my creativity to mix both songs.

Agathodaimon - Banner Of Blasphemy (live Brutal Assault 2009)
Footage shot at the Brutal Assault Festival 2009.

Agathodaimon - Body Of Clay (Remix Version)

Agathodaimon - When She is Mute
Album: Higher Art of Rebellion Agathodaimon - When She is Mute.

Agathodaimon Heliopolis
Heliopolis agathodaimon black dark metal 1st phoenix song.

Agathodaimon - The Ending of our Yesterday
Agathodaimon - The ending of our yesterday Album : Chapter III.

Agathodaimon - Tongue of Thorns
Album: Higher Art of Rebellion Agathodaimon - Tongue of Thorns.

Agathodaimon - An Angels Funeral

Agathodaimon - When She Is Mute (Lyrics)
Higher Art Of Rebellion ( 1999) | | | | | | sam feldt | | | | sam feldt | carnival stonebwoy | sam feldt | sam feldt | | | | | | | | Notorious b I g lil hommie | | | carnival stonebwoy | | | | |