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AchilleaArtist info Achillea is comprised of Danish artists Jens Gad (writer and co-producer of the group Enigma) and Helene Hørlyck. Their album The Nine Worlds utilizes many of the same sounds and techniques that has made Enigma so popular, only this time around we are taken on a journey through the world of Nordic mythology and legend.Achillea's second album, Amadas Estrellas, is comprised of the same Enigma-influcenced style, this time with vocalist Luisa Fernández.Ibizahttp://www... Read more

Achillea - The Nine Worlds (full album)
Achillea - The Nine Worlds (full album)

Achillea - El Alma Herida
Album : Achillea - Amadas Estrellas.

achillea ft luisa fernandez
Video for personal use, great art by Tomasz Alen Kopera accompanied by the sweet sounds of Achillea. I do not own any rights to the music or the art but am a great admirer. Please buy the music...

ACHILLEA - Amadas Estrellas
Music JENS GAD - Vocals & Words LUISA FERNANDEZ.

Use fragment from film " Temptation of the married woman"

Achillea - Vivir

Achillea - Atacame

Achillea & Jens Gad - Vivir

Achillea ( Jens Gad ) - El Alma Herida [ Enigmatic, New Age ]
Achillea - El Alma Herida Enigma . THE BEST (HD) playlist

Amor - Achillea

ACHILLEA - El Alma Herida
Music JENS GAD * Vocals & Words LUISA FERNANDEZ * From the album AMADAS ESTRELLAS *

Achillea - Othila - The Rune Masters by JENS GAD
VIDEO CREATED BY REVIVAL MUSIK 2014 Achillea - Othila - The Rune Masters by JENS GAD All the footage used in this video are property and belongs to Revival Musik Multimedia Broadcasting Copyright...

Achillea - "Wish You Well" - Official Video
Video Clipe oficial da banda Achillea produzido e filmado pela ÁKÜRI FILMES. Official Clip of Achillea band produced and filmed by ÁKÜRI FILMS.

Volvemos al bello mundo de los sueños, de la fantasía, despliego nuevamente mis alas para recorrer otros lugares, donde el tiempo y el espacio se confunden, donde la belleza lo llena todo...Mome...

Achillea Fight or Fall 2013

Achillea - Amor Parte II

Shears From Scar - Achillea

The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming) - Achillea

Achillea - Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods
Ambient music posted by 027Karunesh.

Achillea ( Jens Gad ) - Amadas Estrellas [ New Age, Enigmatic ]

ACHILLEA - Atacame
Music by JENS GAD * Words & Vocals by LUISA FERNANDEZ * From the album ''ACHILLEA - AMADAS ESTRELLAS''

This is my favorite song from Jens Gad's new album ACHILLEA 2 .I hope you like it and enjoy this beautiful music like I do.thank u.

Achillea - staraja Ladoga
I do not own the video or the music, I just want to do some advertising for a really good artist, buy the music if you like it.

Desnúdame (Erotic Spanish Chill Out) Achillea ft Luisa Fernández
La Alcoba de las Musas ☆☪ ▻ Facebook:

achillea cape porcupine

Achillea - The Nine Worlds
A video with fantasy pictures from Tolkiens world and norse mythology. Drawings by Allan Lee, John Howe, John William Waterhouse, Brvegel etc. Music by Jens Gad "Achillea - The Nine Worlds"


Vivir - Achillea

Achillea - A Maria Santissima
Music by Jens Gad | Album AMADAS ESTRELLAS Vocals & Words by Luisa Fernandez.

Achillea aka Jens Gad (songwriter for Enigma) - Shears from Scar Come and watch some incredible scenes from Earth, these short clips are taken from various locations across the world. Music is by Achillea (aka...

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