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Petro Hall of Music 13: Aura Theme-.hack
by the request of mayasaotome i upload this song so.. enjoy it, my favorite is the aura song that is in the intro of .hack//INFECTION Great edit: Thanks to ...

.hack//SIGN OST 1 - Aura
from. hack//SIGN OST 1.

Aura's theme lyrics
aura, soundtrack from the anime series Hack sign. Aura's theme lyrics.

.hack//GAME MUSIC OST - aura1 (Aura's Theme)
Music from the .hack game quartet. Disc 2, Track 2 Name (EN): aura1 (Aura's Theme) Name (JP): aura1 アウラのテーマ Composer: Chikayo Fukuda Album: ...

.hack//G.U. ost - Hope of Dawn (Aura's Theme)
hack//G.U. ost - Hope of Dawn (Aura's Theme) Art by: ま〜くん Amazon links ...

.HackSign - Aura (male version)
Changed pitch with audacity.

.hack//Quarantine ~ Staff Roll (Aura's Theme) ドットハック vol.4 絶対包囲
Sheet music and midi file: Hard to describe what I feel for this piano piece and for the whole soundtrack composed by Chikayo Fukuda, ...

.hack//G.U. - Extended OST 4½ Hours - Honeysuckle ~Shino's Theme~
I do not own the music, nor the game it appears in. All credit goes to the respective owner. No copyright infringement intended. Composer : Chikayo Fukuda ...

.hack//EXTRA OST - Aura [evil ver.]
from the .hack//EXTRA SOUNDTRACK.

Awesome Video Game Music 316: Aura's Theme
Requested by Awl (aka Nightbug) of Rogue Mages Just... beautiful. Another proof there's never enough female choirs in video game music. Listening to this ...

.hack//SIGN - Aura
The music .hack//SIGN - Aura My first anime-music-video-try Lyrics: If you are near to the dark I will tell you `bout the sun You are here, no escape From my ...

.Hack//infection Extended OST - Harald's Theme
AppleBerryKitty - Tumblr -

GUMI English - Aura (Distant Warning Remix)
Another cover testing out Megpoid's English voicebank. I'm not completely impressed yet, but I'll keep working with her until the trial is over. Enjoy~! Song: Yuki ...

The Story Behind Miles Davis' "Aura" Theme
I take some time to find the 10-tone 'theme' spelling M I L E S D A V I S in "Aura."

♫ Aura's Theme - 8-bit Version (.hack//Games)

Dot Hack - Aura's Theme Piano Cover
This is .hack - Aura's Theme its a little different than the original hope you enjoy it :) Want to learn this song? click the link below ...

Hack G.U. OST - Hope Of Dawn
From: .Hack//GU Trilogy (Movie) Aura's Theme ---------- The background art can be found at the link(s) below. ...

Dot Hack Perfect Collection Soundtrack - Aura Theme
Dot Hack Perfect Collection Soundtrack.

Let's Learn Piano: Tutorial for Beginners Dot Hack - Aura's Theme HD My version is here ^ This is a tutorial for auras theme from .hack please enjoy if you need any help then please ...

.hack//SIGN Unreleased Music 02 -The World (Ocarina Version)-
It's officially been almost 10 years since .hack//SIGN came out and they apparently have no plans on ever releasing this song on a soundtrack. A bouncier ...

.hack(無印) ハロルドのテーマ(Harald's Theme)
打ち込みです Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine, Harald's Room, Harald Hoerwick, Emma Wielant, Aura, Epitaph of The Twilight, William Butler Yeats, ...

.hack//G.U. ost - Phantom Pain (Carl's Theme)
hack//G.U. / .hack//Link ost - Phantom Pain (Carl's Theme) Art by: 三代和城 and ロカズ ...

.Hack//Game Music Perfect Collection - (03) Aura's Theme
From: .Hack//Game Music Perfect Collection Composer: Chikayo Fukuda Owned by: CyberConnect2 Published by: Bandai I do not own the rights to this.

.hack Infection ost - Skeith's Theme [Extended]
hack Infection ost - Phase 1 Skeith The Terror of Death [Extended] Amazon links - .hack, Part 1: Infection - .hack, Part 2: Mutation ...

. Hack Sigh Aura Theme

.hack//SIGN Aura piano

.Hack//QUARANTINE Staff Roll (Aura's Theme) - Piano
Title: Staff Roll IV (Ending Theme, aka the thing that plays in the credits xP) Site: UPDATE: Site is now ...

.hack//INFECTION - Cathedral Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground
From the .hack//INFECTION game: Cathedral Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground I do not own any of the .hack series, nor this song I only put it up for listening ...

hack G.U. OST Kite s Theme Vocal Ver.
Why do people fear death, why do people laugh and die, there's peace in this life, and life's peace is death Why do people fear death, why do people laugh and ...

Auras Theme Sad Piano - hack//SIGN

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