lucky dube-i've got you babe lyrics

Before you girl, I was playing
I was cocky, self-proclaiming
But then you happened
I got possesive
I marked you as my territory
Before you girl, nothing mattered
But now I think I lost my confidence
You got my attention
I wanna have you girl (oh)
I don't care if you think I'm heartless
I don't care who I'll bumped into yeah
Whether my folks, my bros, my colleages, my best buddy let it be no oh I gotta have you, you gotta have me
Cause babe you got my heart I got this idea for me to have you
And I swear girl it sounds crazy
But what can I do?
I'm desperately in love with you
No girl, I won't give up
Heaven knows, I'm dying to have
The girl of my dreams
My wife, me everything (oh)
I won't give you
To somebody
You are mine
There's no denying
Babe I love you
Do you hear me?
I won't give you
To somebody
I'm not a martyr
I've worked hard just to have you
Just to have you
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