Wreche - Angel City lyrics

she's an angel, he's an outcast
a paradox in this world
but what you can't see
is that i seem to find the best in him
she's a classic beauty, real one hell of a cutie
he's a scarred-up, tattooed, broke-ass man with no real plan
last chance to tell him fend for yourself - one more time
he'll make you scream, he'll make you cry
still she says, "i don't mind"

hold on, hold me close you're all mine, don't let go
it's our time, and i know we won't find this again
just tell me that you're mine
don't say this is goodbye

i've been messed up and dying
boy, i think you're lying
just the thought of you not by my side can make me cry
i've been patient, understanding
still you say i'm too demanding
if you let me try i'll make things right, girl, once again
i pushed for your affection, you're pushing me away
let me stay, we'll still end up together
just waiting 'til whenever we find our way
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