To Kill a Monster - "Hardcore Drummer" Official Music Video lyrics

Church bells did chime the day
My father died
A king of truthful ways
Poisoned by wine
One of this court stole his life

Upon the parapets
His ghost came to me
Revealing cause of death
His brother's scheme
Usurp the throne of the king

Uncle, now stepfather
Who defiles my mother's bed
Reckoned by ghostly words
I seek my father's revenge

I shall lead them to think
That I am out of my mind
In truth I plot to bring
Doom to this kingdom of lies

A course that cost me love
My bride-to-be died
Thinking I was insane
She took her own life

The acting troupe hath come
I scripted a play
Exposed the evil deed
To this court's dismay

The king's assassins came
But did not survive
I'll have my uncle's head
Vengeance shall be mine

The queen doth see the truth
Poisoned by dreams
All see I'm not the fool
As my sword sings
I have come to kill a king
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