Sadi Gali Full Song Tanu Weds Manu | Ft. Kangna Ranaut, R Madhavan lyrics

La da da da da
I will bury in the ground
La da da da da
I'll bury you with my sound

And I will drink the red
your pretty face red

Marceline! That is very disagreeable!

Do not you like that?
Or maybe I'm the one you do not like!

Sorry I did not treat you like a goddess,
That's what you want to do!?
Sorry I did not treat you as if you were perfect
As your small and loyal subjects

I regret not sugar
and not sweet enough for you
That's why I always avoiding
Devo be a hassle for you

Well ...
I'm just your problem .
I'm just your problem .

It's like ...
Was not even a person
I'm just your problem .

Well .
I ... I have not justify ...
What I do ...
I ... I have to prove not all .
Sorry to be ...

He had no intention of being in blacklist .
Although . I have no contact with you to do

So .
Because I love you ...?
As you wish ...?

To bury in the earth .
Y. . drink the blood of your .
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