SEWER Masquerade of Haunted Wolves Feeding Random Pigs lyrics

No more time to clear our mind
nor to take a long deep breath
Can't ignore the hammers
pounding our brains
Fed up with the smiling faces
of the pigs who control our lives
selling us fun, giving us lies

We must stop feeding the pigs

We are walked on leash
by the dogs who own the world
Deceptions and broken dreams
of directionless lives
We won't crawl the way back to the cages tonight
but take off the chains out of our minds

We must stop feeding the dogs

We will be the wolves
hunting and killing the pigs
We will be the blackbirds
dancing on their bodies
Take off the chains out of our minds

So the pigs do not rule anymore
So that we could stop the paranoia
No need another liar to tell us what's next
Free of his leash the wolf will bite
Blackbirds are expecting a new dawn
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