Rammstein Live in Chile 2016 | Full Show Multicam HD lyrics

I wanna live in a world full of heroes!
Not sit here counting zeros in a cubicle downtown
I wanna look out my window see ‘em flyin',
And swing cross the horizon, as I cheer ‘em on so proud
Date Power Girl, keep staring at her face
Then call Colossus, and have him teach me weights
And then we'd exercise, I'd be one of the guys
Learn martial arts from Iron Fist and Wong,
Call Dazzler up and teach her all my songs
Oh I…
I wanna live in a world full of heroes!
Not cooking up these gyros, at my parents restaurant now
I wanna yell out, "Avengers Assemble!",
not "Order up for Ethell! Yeah we're out of Tzatiki now."
Date Emma Frost and have her read my mind,
Or Magdalena, her Artifacts I'd find
We'd catch a symphony, it'd just be her and me
Call Bucky Barnes, and arm wrestle for hours
Visit Aunt May, and bring her lots of flowers…
Oh I...
Call Hellboy up and learn to smoke cigars
Meet Tony Stark at all the trendy bars
It'd be a guys night out, we'd make that wolfpack howl
I'd run with Flash and do a marathon
Vacation to the Savage Land for fun
Oh I…
I wanna live in a world full of…
I wanna live in a world full of heroes!
Have NPR and CNN describe the latest teams
I wanna tuck my kids in tight and tell ‘em stories,
Of super-human glory, while their sleepy faces beam
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