Priests - JJ lyrics

When I met you you were just a bad attitude
You dated a model one time she stuck her finger in a light socket
About things like that people were always so mean and rude but I always felt like, "oh Veronika, baby, I think I kinda know what you mean"

I can't believe I always had such awful taste
You were just a rich kid low life in a very big jacket in a very big way
The most interesting things about you
Was that you smoked Parliaments, the babiest cigarettes

I thought I was a cowboy because I
Smoked Reds
I thought I was a cowboy 'cause I
Smoked Reds

You thought I was disgusting
You thought I was disgusting

All the jock frat boys called you a hipster fag
And I think you liked it, I think you loved it
I think you loved it

I wrote a bunch of songs for you
But you never knew and you never deserved them

Who ever deserves anything anyway
What a stupid concept
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