Phoenix - Armistice - With Lyrics lyrics

What if
Phoenix Wright
Had Lyrics?
In the near future, courts of law go really fast
No jury, just a judge, gotta win in three days max
My name is Phoenix Wright, and I'm an ace attorney
So grab a seat, groove to the beat, and join me on my journey
I live in California (and by that I mean Japan)
Got a suit of blue, a big red tie, and hair like Gemini Man
It's a comedy of errors with the violence of Macbeth
So cute and charming
Zany, whacky, jokey
Yeah, I meet all kinds of weirdos on my justice-seeking quest
The dudes are total dicks, and the ladies have big breasts
Come on, y'all
((do that section again))
Uhh... boobies??
I'm rated T for Teen and even one time rated M
But I've got pop culture chops, and each reference is a gem
If you have a big "Objection!" to where I'm coming from
You can "Take that!", "Hold It!", and shove it up your bum
My name is Phoenix Wright, I'm a semi-decent lawyer
With the help of magic stones and my hot/dead employer
So court is now in session, Judge Santa Claus presiding
If a witness has a secret, I will find out what they're hiding
Pressing and presenting, I will find a resolution
Fighting liars on the stand (and the kinky prosecution)
My client isn't guilty, which I'll prove with my defense
So now all I have to do is choose the perfect evidence
Here we go!
"Objection!" -Nope
"Objection!" -Nope
"Objection!" -Nope
"Objection!" -Nope
"Objection!" -Nope
"Take that!"
Not guilty!
Hehe, uh obviously...
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