Paskal Lanclume - Rose lyrics

Fly wild flower, fly
Fly from place to place
Leave your gypsy blanket
For the lovers bed
The song of thousand tales
Carried by the wind
Fly free yearning soul
Fly free savage rose

Take me higher
Take me higher
Take me higher

To the deep horizon
The mirror in your eyes
Carry love and wisdom
The song that never dies
To the fields of sorrow
Our mother with her broken heart
Fly wild flower, fly
Savage rose, soul of mine

Take me higher ([Annisette:] Take me higher)
Take me higher ([Annisette:] Savage rose, soul of mine)
Take me higher ([Annisette:] Fly - fly - fly fly fly fly fly...)

Soul of mine
Take me higher
I want you, I want you, I want you to take me higher
Higher, and higher, and higher
Take me high-er
Higher, higher, higher, higher
Take me higher
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