Oneness of Juju - African Rhythms lyrics

Searching, Lurking, Hurting for a pathway badly
we continue sadly slowly walking pass this thing called Life
Where did our sun go, why is our drum so
hungry, we need to run free come see pictures of our Kings
whisper through my wings, i fly could never die,
my spirit lives eternal, in the night, alright, my plight is always sight,
at night I fight the evils I can,
wipe your tears, my fears don't last, they passed my fast and masked and basking in the rhythm, my soul drinks only wisdom

And after the wind settles down,
my soul drinks only wisdom
Now let the wind blow... wild

My pathway to heaven is the music, because when curtains fall that's all that i have left
I live and die and worship sweet sweet music,
because the music is the essence of my breath.
Now let the wind blow... wild
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