NBA YoungBoy - 38 Baby lyrics

Ion give a fuck who out here doing this shit mane, (yea)
You know, nigga know what the fuck this is mane
NBA gang, ya heard me?
I go by young boy, I'm the hottest younging, ya heard me?
Fuck what a nigga talking bout be 'lee that

Everybody under disguise man they scheming
These hoes will set you up, tell you they love you they don't mean it
Full of syrup, bitch I'm leaning
Smoking dope with the demon
Send my younging at your little nigga give me a reason

I heard a nigga say they turned me up, get off a nigga dick
Don't like the fact that now I'm blowing up, nigga get on your shit
I got turned on next Montana ain't nobody give me shit
Bitch I bought my own car, started my own dealership
Cruising in Florida with my burner nigga faded
To tell the truth, ion why these niggas hating
I stay with the 38, I won't let nobody take me
& I know these niggas plotting, so ion smile up in they faces

No I ain't crazy, so bitch don't try to play me
I'm a 38 baby, go against me I'm a slam them
Out the nouch, know not to spare them
Go with his move, bitch I dare them
Go with his move, bitch I dare them

And I don't go nowhere without that iron on me
This shit so cut though my own niggas talking down on me
These niggas envy for no reason, I ain't got time for them
I'm out that gang and what I rep bitch I stand on it

For so long I've been slept on, got to make them believe me
Just bought a Glock-up out the north, so that's them shots off the 3's
Got the law up on my ass, demons up in my dreams
Andy Gaulden was my uncle, robbing shit in my genes

Nigga I'll prove it while you assuming
I'm up in Houston, bring the Roy for my younging for whoever wanna do me
With this beef shit, ion stop like you red bitch I'm producing
33 let me hold the Glock, I'm just waiting for the Uzi pussy
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