Momenta lyrics

Run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, shouting out “To each his own”! Never was a together put us so far apart, look away and reach your own. We are the broken cog in a machine that was meant to run on us alone. When we have a need for everything we want, have we won? After all, could be anyone. After all you could say you were. After all, it was all of us. In the end, we were there. How do you even get to be a human being when there’s so many bills to pay? How did we ever get to where however we are, how do we all fall for it? Say it a thousand times and then you know it’s true. Everybody thinks it’s cool. I am part of the problem, where is everybody else? A fire has burned us, hey now. You’re trying to blame us, hey now. You’re shooting at us, hey now. A fortune from us, hey now. We are powerless, hey now!
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