MACHINE HEAD - Robb Flynn's Birthday Bash Rehearsals lyrics

My friend Billy Blotsky had a birthday yesterday
His parents let him plan it
and choose the games we played
He sprung a few surprises to spice the party up
Like filling up the bathtub
with homemade lemonade.
He had a crocodile cake
with white icing for the teeth
The scales were made from slices
of sticky green gumdrops
The eyes were made of cherries,
with strawberries for the nose
And the tongue was one long string
of bright red lollipops. Hey !

Oh, what a birthday party
It was the best of all, we really had a ball
Everybody's talking 'bout t
the season's greatest smash
It's Billy Blotsky's Birthday Bash

The treasure hunt was held there in Billy's house
He switched things all around
to make the game more fun
We found dishes in the closet,
and sandals in the sink
And a magic marking pen
in a moldy hot dog bun.
The usual pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey
game was changed
We taped paper shells on a cardboard turtle's back
Then we ran a race where the slowest runners won
Several shovel fulls of candy
stacked inside a shopping sack, Hey !

Repeat Chorus

Then we gave Billy presents;
he had but one request
Bring something unusual you cannot buy in stores
He got seashells and three snails,
seven lizards with no tails
And Leah's little brother
to help him with his chores.
The brightly colored wrapping piled up on the rug
And covered up the punch that
Sarah Springer spilled
And somewhere underneath crawled
Craigie Crawford's gift
A snake with painted body; golly,
Billy sure was thrilled ! Hey !

Repeat Chorus

When the day was done we pitched in
to pick things up
We caught the snake and snails,
and cleared away the trash
'Though Billy's mother sternly spoke,
"Next year there'll be no jokes" ...
We'll always remember
Billy Blotsky's Birthday Bash ! Hey !

Repeat Chorus

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