Little Royal and The Swingmasters - "Razor Blade" lyrics

Our darlin' wandered far away while she was out at play
lost in the woods she couldn't hear a sound
she was our darlin' girl the sweetest thing in all the world
we searched for her but she couldn't be found
I heard the screams of our little girl far away
hurry daddy there's an awful dreadful snake
i ran as fast as i could through the dark and dreary wood
but i reached our darlin' girl too late
Oh i began to sigh i knew that soon she'd have to die
for the snake was warnin' me close by
i held her close to my face she said daddy kill that snake
it's gettin' dark tell mommy goodbye
To all parents i must say don't let your children stray away
they need your love to guide them along
oh god i pray we'll see out darlin' some day
it seems i still can hear her voice around our home
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