It's lonely at the top on the charts
My life okare buka yabo things fall apart
Mama are you're too worried ka award
Ha ele sengwe you should worry about winning their hearts
O nkgopotsa rraago everytime you act tough
I mean I really hate it everytime you get stuck
You know I got you when ever you need backup
And remember you need to stack up
Instead of spending more money le mazoty
Why don't you spend a little time with your mama
Maybe that's why my father a bidiwa
Solomon, because he never spent time with my mama
I really hate to see you cry ma'
Ga o ise o itumele ever since tyma a go thuba sly ma'
Ke godile and I ain't even gotta lie ma'
For many years ke batla go botsa gore why ma'
That's when abo a re that's enough about me and your father
Tlhokomela bokgaitsadio le your brother
Don't only work harder mare work smarter
I know you make bread go sena peanut butter
You came from the guatta
Looking like your father
Especially on a magazine cover
Especially when your chick is in a shower
I know you buy her everything but a flower

Mme go thata ya le ntswe
Mpuru o haretswe
Go thata ya lentswe
Marara a lefatshe, a mpharafaretse
Ke ya go tlhoka ga thoko ga me

It's loney when you're sitting back at home
O jampile kagore your daughters are never home
You're just hoping they don't make the same mistakes
They never learn but they learn from your mistakes
Are ngwanaka be careful about these snakes
Ha o tshwerwe ke tlala ba go tlhatswisa di plate
Ga se gore ga ke bone what is going on
Even though ke rata go go botsa what is going on?
You brought hope to my life it was you son
Ga ke le kgakala I'm thinking of you son
Ke tshuba radio everytime ke go tlhwaafaletse
And all I ever hear is duplicates of you son
As motsadi wa gago I gotta let you know
O tshwanetse wa rapela before you hit the show
Coz you'll never know
Nah you'll never know
I'm like you're right mama
But one thing I know is that I'll make it right mama
O tlogele dikhombi and take a flight mama
And get a chase to kiss your daughters goodnight mama
Are ngwanaka robala wa ntlhodia
Ka dikgang tse di molemo dia mphodisa
Ha ke robetse bodigo dia ntorisa
Ramasedi kea go rorisa
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