Gucci Mane - Truth (Young Jeezy Diss) (Official Music Video) lyrics

( gucci mane verse 1)
i murder for fun but my job is neva done from early morn to the settin of the son back then come come come get murda for fun the hundred round drum in my tommy gun me and cad and da hoe ill cut out ya tung me and ox man we murda for fun come come bad man come get murda for fun the gucci mon man i murda for fun see my momma aint raise no bitch ass nigga neva heard gucci mane no snitch ass nigga when you deallin with a bet dont bring a rookie tell young jeezy that i smell pussy tha top shotta with tha don dotta the whole hood is a don dotta and im hotta then the state of nevada put a hole in ya f**kin oblongata pussy!!

(gucci mane verse two)

me and cad is a army better yet a navy try to kill gucci mane bitch it aint gravy tell jeezy there's a bullet with his name on it a 10,000 dolla hit he put my chain on it you aint heard about it you aint seen the news you aint read the paper f**kin playa hatta bird brain ass nigga purpatrait the boss might think you won war but you really the loss bitch
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