Glam - Hell's Party (Original) (1992) lyrics

Look at my style, could it be more glam?
Look at my look, can you say 'hot damn!'?
Look and at once you know what I am,
Me, I'm fabulous baby!

Look at my moves, don't they blow your mind?
Drama and talent and sex combined.
Hell, you can tell even if you're blind.
See, I'm fabulous baby!

I'm meant to be where the spotlight shines,
Born to be on display.
Built to be dressed to the ninety nines,
And ready to stand and say.

Look at me, can't you see?
I'm fabulous baby.
Look right here, ain't it clear?
Where I'm heading to.
And look at the time honey, I can't stay.
Look while you can 'cause I'm on my way.
Me, I'm fabulous baby.
I've got fabulous things to do.

Just stand back and clear the track 'cause,
Look at me, can't you see?
I'm fabulous baby!
Check me out, ain't no doubt where this girl is found.
So joke all you want, go ahead and laugh.
One day you'll beg for my autograph.
Oh I'm fabulous baby!

Can't you see me lit up on a stage as the cameras adore me?
Can't you see me out walking red carpets or doing TV?
Can't you see all the millions of fans screaming desperately for me?

I'm a diva, a godess, a star on the brink.
A house-rocking vision, in hot shocking pink!
A party, a riot, the whole kitchen sink!
It's time for the world to find out, don't you think?

Oh, look at me can't you see?
I'm fabulous baby!
Feast your eyes, can't disguise,
My star quality!
So laugh all you want, I won't be denied!
What I have got is too hot to hide.
I am fabulous baby,
So damn fabulous baby.
I'll do fabulous, guaranteed!
I'll be fabulous baby,
Fresh, free, fabulous, baby.
Fine and fabulous,
Wait and see!
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