Ghost - Faith (Unofficial Video) lyrics

The last few breath,
Looking back upon a time that shapeed the past.
A life that awe and wonder,
A life defined.

The days so fast,
Who of us could see the path would lead to this.
You were my faithful brothers,
Come stand by me.

You're special,
We trust,
We give our lives.
So special,
We silent the doubt that you'll be there.

They shed their tears,
Praying that the path they treat will guide them through.
I close my eyes before them,
In you we trust.

You're special,
In faith I give my life.
So special, we silence the doubt that you don't care.

Guide me to this promised land,
From this life.
Guiding light,
oh, look in my soul.
Show me it's your thruth,
Hide the thought that it's the end.
Hide the fear,
Hear my voice,
Hear me calling out.
Lead me on,
take my hand.

And take thispain away.

Wake up.
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