Gerald Troost - Minder is meer lyrics

It's me hoe, the rap [?] Tibo,
And this game full of sheep, I'm a shepherd like Leto
They love the heating which I bring
Yo these niggas are mosquitos, they say [?] spook to me to blow
Well I'm the sun of a torpedo I want all the chips
You niggas satisfied with Cheetos and that cash money shit
A little shit, it's that Nino, J. [?] Tony Montana, Al Pacino,
Frank [?] Astaire, Joe Pesci and casino type music
And this game is full of actor, John [?]
Smooth as Billy Dean Williams on that lady sings the blue shit
The head rocking music, delete the [?] where niggas softer than [?]
That's when my flow turned jewish but wait, hold on
While you was in the sandbox with play though, I was reading fatal by [?]
So middle fingers with my hands to the sky
Screaming out why the leaders never die, my name is Gerald

My name is Dizzy, believers never die, [?] live forever nigga
What you tryina zone baby that is on last year
Trying to make change in the game with no cash yeah
This shit smooth baby this here is cashmere
Nah I'm just high, higher giraffe is
Bring my x box, make sure my max near
Can I get a Betty with some titties and ass here, why not?
Fuck your ex man, I'm the x man, with my shades on
Cyclops, with always aftermath, ever met Dr Dre
Getting my checks up, that's what the doctors say
Skateboarding and watching porn with Kaylani Lei
My girl tell me grow up all the time, I say not today
Jehova witness flow, tell them what I got to say
My shit was knocking early and it never takes a holiday
I need this here on a cassette taped like right away
For that 87 Corvette in my driveaway
Dizzy fly away, jay walker, phi lade

Now the speed is mellowed out, [?] my younging been mad at me
I never been so glad to see this night tonight
Now here, let me hold head like a Tyson bike
Now this mike, recently has been the only thing that matters
I been hearing more whining as I'm climbing up the ladder like Phil
You really satisfied with leaving us behind?
But I'm leaving to retreat what I've been reaping from this grind
[?] text, I glanced it for yet, no time, I tell a dame
You get one chance to sex then I'm on to the next
Swear I got tunnel vision, the one who knows it all
Ain't the smartest of one who listen
So I stay humble, stay true, I get money cause I pay due
Can't blame your sitback on no hater, that's what they do
So do you, cause if you know your purpose it's worth it
Nothing on this earth last and nobody here is perfect

I go by the name of Duke, posted upon juice
Soldier riding with that toaster, frontline and salute the troops
Drop a 5 inside of 20 my nigga I'm getting loose
Fitted over [?] yeah, representing my crew
From where they hanging bandanas, check [?] the choice is yours
Screaming nigga [?] chester say what it do
Ya gangsta still fly and fucking these niggas bitches man
You know the motto stay pimping but always with the bizness
Do dirt all on my lawn some with extra clips for a witness
Talking money when I speak I got dollars in every sentence
Shout out my nigga joe, one time is the word
Young skeme signing off, reporting live from the curbe, my nigga yo.
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